CVS Cash Card Wk. of 1/20 Coupon Matchups including Ibotta eCoupons + Beauty Club Issues *UPDATE*

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CVS Cash Card Wk. of 1/20 Coupon Matchups with Available Ibotta Coupons

For more info on ibotta ecoupons please visit I don’t use them, YET, but I wanted to make sure I let those who do use them know which ones are available. If you have questions feel free to still leave them below and I’m pretty sure your question will get answered by someone in our FABULOUS couponing community !!

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$2 100% Grapefruit Juice or Florida Grapefruit coupon
$2/1 Bausch & Lomb Contact Solution
Almay ECB deal at CVS Wk. of 1/20 in select zip codes
Hormel party trays only $4 at Target
$0.50 Hormel Pepperonis at Dollar Tree

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3lsa19 says:

@DomesticGoddess1966 ,,,, ibotta is an app u use on ur phone to get money bak for buyin specific items… Example … Now their is colgate optic white sale at cvs buy it and then sumbit for ibotta to get 1.00 bak when u reach 5.00 u can cash out into paypal.. It pays u … Hth!!!

Tina Allen says:

Ok ladies…. I've been out of the loop for a while…just now getting started back at couponing…My question is …what is lbotta ??? Help please…

Heavenly Homes says:

Hi, thanks for the info, great update as usual:) I made a couple of clearance lists in case you or your viewers are interested, feel free to check them out, thanks!

foodandfashioncents says:

You are welcome Sweetie & I hope all is well !!!

foodandfashioncents says:

Each week has its own set of qualifying items so I dont think one week of items will count or carry over to the next, it will reset. If you do your transaction before 12 midnight those items for that current sale will count toward the current week and items for the following week will count towards the new week. The items are programmed in the system so the computer will know unless one item counts for both weeks then I really dont know what will happen 🙂

foodandfashioncents says:

If you are referring to the one in the CVS Coupon Matchups for this week of the 20th on my blog, that was used as an example as to how CVS and manuf coupons can be used together/stacked. I have had several questions about using both coupons as CVS so I decided to give an example. The actual deal does not exist its an example. Thanks

westley mcvey says:

you said cvs had a dry idea coupon and use the manf coupon

moeVEE says:

hi sylvia, i have a question. the limit on the cash card is 5pr week, can i go back tonight (since the sales for next week start tonight in some places) and get something from the old ad, does the cash card just reset, or would it only count towards the new ad? thanks as always for everything -mony

dkforeal says:

The Flipz coupon is NLA

IslandCouponGal says:

Thanks for the update sweetie 😉

foodandfashioncents says:

Ahh Sweetie thanks alot, it is no where near where I want it to be but for a 1st timer blogger I think I did good. XX

foodandfashioncents says:

You are welcome and enjoy your weekend!!

foodandfashioncents says:

Hi which one are you referring to?

westley mcvey says:

Where is the cvs dry idea coupon?

Qponclippingteacher says:

Thanks for the update!

2littledollz Deals says:

Your blog looks terrific! Great job! 🙂

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