CVS Wk. of 1/27 Coupon Matchups including Ibotta eCoupons $1 Glade Cash Card Item & $0.99 ReNu

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CVS Wk. of 1/27 Coupon Matchups with Available Ibotta Coupons

For more info on ibotta ecoupons please visit I don’t use them, YET, but I wanted to make sure I let those who do use them know which ones are available. If you have questions feel free to still leave them below and I’m pretty sure your question will get answered by someone in our FABULOUS couponing community !!

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$1 Glade Expressions Starter Kits (Also part of CVS cash card week of 2/3
$0.99 ReNu Contact solution

Please note the initial SAVE $2.00 on any Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist Starter Kit link was incorrect and here is the correct one,


foodandfashioncents says:

Thanks, I'm not sure how that happened but the linked has be changed. Also, the coupons have been available since 1/15 so if you already printed 2 per computer it has not been reset. BTWay I put the link in the video description box.. Thanks Again

newyorkchica143 says:

Hi sweets! It's for the future match up starting on 2/3/13 at CVS for the Glade items included in the cash card deal. Thanks for replying :))))

foodandfashioncents says:

Hi Hon, which coupon are you referring to? The weekly matchups or a blog post? Thanks

foodandfashioncents says:

We always seem to find good deals on "smell good" items whether the drugstores, Target,everywhere. Thanks for stopping by.

newyorkchica143 says:

It says the sense and spray refills and the coupons are for the starter kit for 2.00 off.. At least that's the coupon I see. I know a few weeks ago we were getting the sense and spray starter kits for 3.00 after the coupon, but that's when they were 5.00 on sale.

pinchingpennies2011 says:

That's going to be a great deal on the Febreze this week and the Glade next week! Time to stock up on some household smell-good items. LOL

foodandfashioncents says:

You are welcome and I appreciate the support. You have a great weekend too!!

foodandfashioncents says:

Ahh how Sweet !!! Thanks for always supporting and have a GREAT weekend

try crockett says:

Thanks for this weekly matchup video. This is awesome:) have a great weekend.

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