CVS COUPON HAUL 1/21/18 – 1/29/18 | Amazing facial care deal!

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Nish Wallace says:

So you can use % off coupons on sale or promo regardless of what the CRT says?

Lissa Crane says:

I loved the purple Flintstones too! LoL~good memories! As always, thank you for the great matchups!

Sharon Booth says:

Thank you so much !! Love watching you. You have helped me a lot!!

Liziel Cook says:

Thank you for the deals this week!
Anybody from NW suburbs IL? Geez, our tax breaks up these amazing deals… my sub total is $4.25 + $7.15 tax….

Linda Watson says:

love to watch your tips it really helps me understand

Gislene Morais says:

What would be the 1/21/ss?

Gianni Rivas says:

My cvs din’t let me used my Almay coupons and my 4.00 dollars that I clipped on cvs app they said it was a manufactured coupons I. Can not used both .so 😢

Julee Thorne says:

Is there any cvs stores that don't let coupons go towards the candy bars? I just went and she told us it can't be applied to the deal cause they're already buy one get one free

Bronwyn Morrison says:

How long does it take for the beauty rewards to post to your account?

YouTube User says:

Hi, I have a question. So when I get the newspaper Sunday’s if I get 2 , can I use 2 coupons from either red plum or smart source at the same time right ???

Allison Ofarril says:

Here in Brooklyn i dont recived that coupons ☹

Shanna Montrose says:

I heard you mention the 50% off Progresso soup CRT off on Chicken Corn Chowder, Light Veg Noodle, & Veg. You sain that because they are on sale you can't use that this week. I used mine & It worked fine. I bought 2 of each flavor. The sign said $2.99 each. A total of $6.67 came off with the % + I used 2/ff 4. I bought 8 cans 2 of them are not part of the CRT. They took off $6.67 for the % off.

Mary-Anne Walters says:

What is a CRT?

nschrotberger says:

Thank you! I love your videos- they are very helpful and straight to the point.

megan gonzalez says:

Love your hair! Looks great likethat!

wisesong1 says:

My CVS takes the 30% off AFTER all MFQs and all CRTs so I never get a very high % off.

Melissa Miller says:

I had the best trip this week. This is the best deal I ever had. $218 haul. I paid $40 got $40 extra bucks back plus $30 more in extra bucks. They paid me $30 to carry the stuff out the door. I also had a 30% off crt

Shiwi Girl says:

I'm so glad you added that math part in your video. I'm new to this and that already happened to me. I thought I was close to the 98%, but after I didn't get my ECB. My receipt showed I needed. 42.

PLL Theory Files says:

To calculate just do 25 – 98 and tap % then = 24.50

Heidi Talley says:

Great video as alway would love to do that L’Oréal deal 😊

Gabriela Rosillo says:

Good Morning! Thank you for this video and all your videos. I always look forward to watching your awesome videos. Now the L'Oreal charcoal clay mask is AWESOME!!! I love it. It leaves my skin smooth and fresh. It does not dry up my face. Have a great day!!!

Sabine Barnes says:

I used your printable breakdown list and it made my shopping trip wonderful. Thank you sooooo much☺

Cynthia Mendoza-Torres says:

Tfs! You rock

sleoner16 says:

I got the $10off $35 CRT, can I use the $6 off $24 facial cleansers CRT as well?

PrincetonGirl2004 says:

Wow what good deals@ cvs 👍 I like your pillow on your couch super cute

jules22508 says:

Hi, I tried the L’Oréal facial deal as well. There is an IBOTTA rebate for $2.00 on any L’Oréal Paris facial product. I worked out a deal with the Revitalift products.

Lindsay Munoz says:

Today I did my first couponing trip to CVS after I got home I realized that my right guard deodorant buy 2 get 1 free didn’t come off. So I paid the sale price $2/6 then $3.49 for the additional one. I did get my $4 ECB but the load to card coupon for the free one didn’t come off😢 what do you recommend I do? Return them and rebuy or something else. I also did the Lady speed stick deal and I purchased for and gave to buy one get one free coupons but it only took off $2.21 for each coupon for the free item. They ring up to at $2.79 and two at $2.21 so they only gave me credit for the lowest purchase is this normal?

Lit Hot People says:

Great video

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