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Had to update everyone on this deal ….so that you all could grab the savings! Keep in mind that the Pure Sugar Scrub IS NOT included in the Spend $30 get $10…..even though the ad states ANY Loreal Facial Care! I really hope this video makes your deal run more smoothly!

Have a great night!

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Myriam Tchassem says:

You always have so much great heads up
And I appreciate it
Thx bunch

Myriam Tchassem says:

Thx honey
This deal actually drove me crazy last week

Juleen Henry says:

yes thank you so much for the update after your first video I thought forget that its too confusing I don't understand why you still need 3 dollars and some change anyway I came across your update video . Now i am going to do my deal tomorrow thanks again

HLeticia Garcia says:

Hi, do you use Extrabucks to pay when you use a % coupon?

HLeticia Garcia says:

I honestly don't understand, how to calculate the % anymore I bought the same items you did and I had the 40% and my percentage only took 11.87 crazy huh?

Mariakayc says:

It’s probably because the facial sugar scrub is a new item – but it should absolutely be honored. Hopefully you didn’t get the red clay mask because I heard it stains sinks.

shumaila arifi says:

Which insert has the 2$ coupon

Samantha Lucas says:

For your Q&A: I don't get % off coupons in my email anymore. I do get % off for some things I buy especially facial care but I used to get 30% off my entire purchase every Thursday. Would you know why CVS quit sending them?

Julio Ramos says:

Thank you for this deal idea! I did the deal with just the three clay mask and got mine all free!

Stephanie Reel says:

Thank you for the update! I’m new to your channel and I’m learning a lot. I did not know you could do that on cvs page.

sweetsmiles73 says:

My coupons wont come off or show on the register when i added the coupon from the app that is irritating

Mary Warman says:

How do you become a member of the CVS beauty club?

Gracie Aguilar says:

I can’t find the Ibotta clay mask deal on the app 😭

Amanda Libby says:

Hi, what I don't get is why do we not get the same coupons at b the red box? Also, I messed up, but cannot figure out what I did wrong, I got 3 loreal shampoos and a total repair treatment and didn't get the $5 back. Thanks happy day

Jewel Denile says:

Part of the deal or not it’s good to know L’Oreal came out with a scrub that can be used on the lips. I didn’t know that.

Cheryl Rankin says:

I had a Boost carryover and what I was told is that CVS ads run from Saturday through Saturday some stores in my area start the new ad at 4pm the store I was shopping in is pushing there start back to 8pm. I was always frustrated when I shopped on Saturday afternoon and they were taking the tags off the shelf. Now I know that is why…

Amy Stotts says:

Girl, CALL and get your ECB!!!!!!!!! Any DOES mean ANY!

Ibotta Lotta says:

I got the same exact scrub and it didn’t go thru either! My stores manager was superrrr helpful and she just printed one for me because she honored what the ad said. This video super helpful tho especially when I have no idea what’s included in their random spend $10-30 deals and it’s not all listed in the ad👍🏼
Sugar scrub is amazing!! Super happy with my L’Oréal facial products too

Jennifer Effinger says:

Thanks so much i brought 3 different types of clay mask. I would have never did this deal if it was not for you. I also got 2 bucks back from Ibotta for the clay mask.♡♡♡♡♡♡

Sher v says:

My store was telling me I could not use multiple CRTs, and the percent off on "sale items" including regular price that gave back ECBs.. Thankfully, cashier tried it, and of course it worked! This just makes me more sure it IS ok.. And I did nothing wrong!

Kimberly Stultz says:

I was lucky with the L'oreal facial deal because I had (2) $7 off 2 L'oreal facial coupons on my CVS APP and they BOTH came off at checkout. I purchased (2) of the L'oreal Collagen $16.79 each ($33.58), Minus ($14.00), Minus 20% ($6.56), Minus (2) $2 Manuf. coupons ($4.00)= $9.02. Got back $10.00 ECB's…Moneymaker!

Mylene Rodriguez says:

You are such a great teacher. Thank you for your honesty and your resources. Please continue doing a great job.

April Hernandez says:

You killed it with the skin care

Patsy Wattsy says:

Thanks to you I really SCORED with the Loreal. Didn't plan to do the deal, but a 50% CRT printed and I remembered your haul video. So pulled out my phone in CVS and watched you again!
After CRT's (50% off Loreal, $5 off Loreal, 40% off one item) and $5 in coupons I ended up with $64 in products including tax..for only $2…Wow.

Truly thankful for all your efforts. Peace and Blessings 🙂

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