DEAD DEAL-Only working at some locations@Dollar General $5/3 Gain–Don’t Miss This! Instant Savings!

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Guys you can make anything free or a moneymaker with the $5 off $3 Gain Coupon. Try to use this for the 3 day sale but if you cant the $5 off $25 would be great. Even if you do not want to wait til Saturday you can get FREE Gain items Wednesday. I also included some Dollar General digital coupons in these breakdowns.
Dollar General Couponing is HOT this week.

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Cleaning Supplies Scenarios Dollar General Instant Savings and Digital Coupons

How to do an Instant Savings Deal at Dollar General Smoothly — Couponing @ DG

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Christa Coupons says:

Someone said I pictured the Blueberry Dish Soap instead of the Fresh Water Sparkle. I cannot see yall. Make sure to get the FRESH WATER SPARKLE.

Julie Bond says:

I just tryed to do the first deal and it did not work

Tamala Smocks says:

This did not work at DG in KC. They had the freshwater.

Tamala Smocks says:

I buy the powered Gain if there is a good deal.

amchavez77 says:

I had one ave used it! But guess what! I purchased the small gain powder the box says 7$ worth of coupons inside there's ave there's another inside 5$ off of 3 and also a 2$ off of one they expire in December 🤗

pattie quin says:

no mine looks at it and sais NOOOO GIRL!

Jennifer Phillips says:

I tried this coupon on the FreshWater Sparkle, but it didn't work. She scanned the q, but it just didn't work.

brenda wolfe says:

It didn't work for me

zainab sharif says:

It didn't work for me at the dollar General. Sad face.

bibleverse1 says:

I went to DG today and the deal didn't work for me. The cashier saw me holding coupons in my hand and REFUSED to scan it. She was helping someone else, but stared at my cart, and immediately let me know she won't take it bc the Gain Fresh Water Sparkle isn't listed on there. She never called her manager to the front or anything! I called corporate, spoke with Customer Relations right near her and explained what happened. The lady said she should not have refused to scan the coupon either way. I am suppose to be receiving a call from the district manager, Sonny within 24 hours. SMH. I was thinking just do your job, Hoe!! If it doesn't work, i was still ok with that. Oops…God still working on me yall, sorry. The old me would have CUSSED her smooth out for being rude! I politely got her name, the store info and walked out the store.

Michelle Lee says:

hi I'm new to couponing. I have 5 of the gain coupons and 1of the febreze coupons. if by chance they don't have the dish soap can you give me a break down for the dryer sheets. thank you so much.

Miss_NeNe850 says:

Unfortunately this did not work at my store 🙁

Tinisha Cade says:

Sooo frustrated, tried to do the gain deal with fresh water gain dish soap. Coupons would not scan and they wouldn't do it manually.. : (

Sebastian Espinoza says:

When doing the surveys more than once & getting multiple $3/15 coupons is the bar code the same on all?

Lizbeth Cervantes says:

I tried to buy the gain fresh water sparkle dish soap but it didnt go through

alice hibsher says:

I don't have a dollar general. will that coupon work at any other store?

Rose Castillo says:

I buy the powder for my grandma, she only uses powder detergent.

Joshua Arnold says:

So I don't print mine…just let them scan from my phone. I still have them in my email. How long will I be able to use my coupon from survey ( over and over again) I did not know this and have only used my survey coupons once each. Please let me know and thank you so much!! You are on top of everything …..your videos are my favorite!!!!!!

Dawn Schueler says:

Im really tempted to do the dish soap deal but most of the cashiers at my DG are….hmm ill be a lady and say MOODY they dont want to push a coupon through even if they see the product clearly pictured on coupon😟

Lori Miller says:

This coupon would not scan for the 3 Fresh water sparkle. I had her ring up order then handed her my survey, then all coupons. Can you verify Christa if the coupon must be scanned right after scanning all three detergent? Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

peaches catron says:

Christa where did you get that coupon it wasn’t in Sunday’s paper?

Brenda Ramirez says:

Can you please do a 5 off 25 scenario with diapers 🙂

Mary Jane says:

The gain coupon is no longer working with the dish soap at some dollar generals

Justina Couto says:

Can you explain to me about how the survey coupon can be reusable?? I'm new would I print the same multiple times or just print one and make copies?? As long as there not used at the same register/store??

coupon queen says:

you can use the surveys coupon more than once, as long as it is not the same register/different store?

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