Extreme Check-Out | Extreme Couponing

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This couple must complete 23 separate transactions for maximum savings.

Mondays @ 10pm on TLC. For more, check out http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/extreme-couponing#mkcpgn=yttlc1


huma Sheikh says:

10 hours mean more than full-time work hours

Daguar Daguar says:

Haha jerkoff

Random Guy on YT says:

Did she seriously get bummed over 56 damn cents? You can pick that kind of money up off of the floor ya cheapskate.

PurpleUnicornCat says:

56 cents!!!!!!!! Omg

Horastina Warren says:

I would have paid that $.56 with a smile on my face

Ryan Johnson says:

Dis bitch dum

Kenneth Riley says:

Imagine being in line at Walmart behind assholes like this with only one lane open.

Celica is Best waifu says:


Alexandra U says:

I thought the picture was Ricegum at first

A Canadian In Disguise says:

God Damn It lady all you had to do was give her a fucking dollar

She wasnt asking for your soul or something

JumboBannanaWins says:

People like this are breaking the economy

Zachary Maneja says:

Lol what if someone was waiting in line behind her.

kevin 02015 says:

That beep sound of the cashier was stuck in my head.

RandomContent says:

That beep doh

Keith Fitzgerald says:

o no 56 cents i work for my money

Ken Abraham says:

i thought it was rice gum😂

oukillem says:

why the fuck is she triggered she basicly just bought the whole store and only has to pay 56 cents

Its Mermaid Season says:

lol I thought the guy on the thumbnail was ricegum

Kevin Conti says:

Really u lidgit halfway bought half the store and holy crap needed to 56cents really like really that less than a $

Dee Xscapes says:

OMG she pissed !E tf off complaining about .56 lol I've found more than that in my damn car!

Gresa Bela says:

This girl has SOOOO much patience, and I would've died in the middle of the store if I had to stay there that long.

LenzBeatUrScore OMG says:

rice gum ???

Michael Beach says:

lol feeling out about 58 cents

John Doe says:

This is ridiculous, and that stupid china man that puts up with.

Rinat says:

total for all that 56 cents and she still angry lmao..

FJS 15 says:

Even though its 10 hours. things she bought must last atleast a month so I guess its worth it

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