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Extreme Couponing profiles four shopaholics who use coupons to save thousands of dollars and amass huge stockpiles of goods.These shoppers go to the extremes, dumpster diving for coupons and spending hours a day searching the internet for great deals.


Rico Suave says:

I saw a coupon ad before I watched this

James Hackenspire says:

how the fuck did i get here

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

this how I learn to coupon, by watching extreme coouponing 5 times.

zaithot says:

Lol that's awesome 😂😂😩

Lisa says:

I love that she had real everyday food, awesome. 

Andrea Tharp says:

This is such an addictive hobby. Walgreens is my casino 🙂

Wilson38 says:

Where do these extreme couponers get their coupons? I mean, isn't it "only one coupon per item"?

PuggleMaster says:

@Ivv41 Shut the fuck up asshole!!

Petra P says:

could anyone explain to me in a nutshell how it works? where do those people get coupons, is it in magazines or somewhere? what is so diffucult in collecting them? thanks in advance, im from europe and thats the frist time i hear about this show!

tnhl77 says:

2.132 my mother used to do this and I averaged it out not worth the effort if you ask me.

tarantulady says:

I wonder how many hours she spends looking for and clipping coupons, and then how much she saves per hour. Probably better off getting a job and a wholesale card 😉

tarantulady says:

I fell in for that shit when I was a kid, then found out the majority of it is actually hype supported by pseudo-science.

Hugo Charbonnel says:

Wow, that's an impressive discount.

E Dixon says:

Lots of shows don't deserve to be on tv. This is great show to show people how to coupon especially for people who are taking taxpayers money with food stamps and other forms of welfare! Shoot they can learn from this video! Don't hate congratulate!

estelle reed says:

Mrs lady how many coupons did you have

Danielle P says:

Stores don't lose out, coupons are sent back to the manufacturer and they reimburse them, sometimes + .8 cents.. It's all promotional. They know what they're doing. I

Léo Vaillant says:

attention , un français !!!!!!!!

Herp Derp says:

Oh my god. Stores should be smarter than actually allow this to happen. I wonder if those coupons are out of date at all. Or maybe they take competitors coupons too or something.

Paul Erwin says:

ladies Don't work,spend all day cutting coupon,buying papers,surfing web,shopping items,loading to car ,unloading car,putting away at home ,all this time to save a 1,000$ prob every 2weeks,when she could of been a secretary at 16$hr and made 700$ aweek before taxes 1,400$ Bi-Weekly, why do u need 60 bottles of Mustard that's gonna expire before u use it,when u could of had a real job ,do less and make more money n save?I'm sure u save a bit w coupons but all that work,think ,do the math Ladies

saberur66 says:

bitch i aint no fucking hippie. i just want people to eat real food. however i now know that these shopping runs are a fucking extreme version of what they do. HOWEVER to say that you have to raise your own animals and grow your own veggies to not eat processed shit, is kindve stupid because for one, animals and veggies are not processed. you just need to avoid the foil rapped shit. KTHANKSBYE.

BigGuyBoleslaw says:

There are many racist comments below that I hope youtube will remove.

rapingurchurches says:

so where are all the coupons for the watermelon, grape soda and fried chicken at?

jrjr18181 says:

so lost in the … ghetto

Theecouponcat says:

My most epic transaction was paying one cent for a haul that totalled 117.52 before savings

allthenamearestolen says:

pretty sure all those food are gonna rot in the fridge. So u saved no money at all

Anh Tran says:

Why don't thow it in the trash???

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