extreme couponing season 1 episode 2

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extreme couponing season 1 episode 2


Sara Connor says:

Im gonna punch you on camera….

Gordon Ramsey says:

Oh she knows how to party .. cheetos pasta sauce And medicin, I wish I was invited

purplelimeL d says:

U DO REALIZE THE "AMERICAN ECONOMY " NEEDS TO KEEP ROLLING..and not just put up W you SMOOCHES.. RIGHT! that is my taxes are HIGH.. because you people who are uneducated..please GROW UP.. I live.
Coupons.. Go to school.. PLEASE.. YOU ARE WHITE TRASH.. I check EVERY EXPiration DATE ON MY FOOD… u must eat gross crap.

purplelimeL d says:

U people DISGUST me. ALL PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE.. ..who have a high EDUCATION DO NOT DO THIS. I bet my toe you get food stamps.. Government help? RIGHT!..
OH WAIT… UR FAMILY SHOWS UP FOR YOUR SHOPPING THING! HAHA.. IM way busy WORKING.. Living.. Lol.. OMG.. I need a hot bath.

Janell Irving says:

I would love to get tips from both ladies. I would also like to meet Rebecca, since she's from Saint Louis like me.

Roscoe Dogg says:

At least the gal in part 2 was kind of cute.  The gal in part 1 needed to spend LESS time in a grocery store.

Roscoe Dogg says:

7:00  She doesn't need to worry about flat tires.  She stores a spare around her waist.

Roscoe Dogg says:

Why is the guy wearing a chinstrap?

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