Extreme Couponing Season 4, Episode 6 Maryann & Haley

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Elvis Alanbay says:

she doesn't even need all of that, why are people jusz couponing for themselves when you can help homeless people by couponing

Gemma Thompson says:

its crazy how much planning goes into this but seeing how much money they save i totally get it.

HanaitsRetro1 says:

Yes, she saved her family some money.. But they can hardly survive on BBQ sauce, razors and soda.

bangtan. fool says:

dont they expire?😂

Shari Røøze says:

I get that people want to coupon on shampoo and cleaning supplies because that shit's expensive and won't expire but man, when are you ever going to use 250 packets of cakemix or 150 bottles of barbecue sauce

Also no offence to kids but that kid is fucking disgusting

Marie Thompson says:

Oh my gosh… Haley Is Soooo Skinny 😟 that's not healthy… and it seems that she has OCD

Locaalana says:

How does Hayley buy soooo much but she is sooooo skinny

Kym Millar says:

omg that girl is so skinny i really hope shes well. she really could do with a little weight on her bless her

Jasmin Mc Laughlan says:

Haley is really skinny it doesn't look healthy

Gamefan 449 says:

And she cares about coupons more than her kids

Gamefan 449 says:

She is saying cupeorner and if her kids asked wuts for dinner mom: sugar wafers and gatorade dear kid: gives mom eye roll

Harshit jholapara says:

Meanwhile in third world countries where people are starving while most of this food is going waste in a basement

Rūda World says:

but she can work

BelleCraunchette says:

If everyone in town was couponing, the supermarkets would get no money, go out of business, or stop selling coupons all together.

dilshad haroon says:

Teach me too

Syafiqah Omar says:

She buys all this stuff almost for free and she keeps it??? On display??? So what's the point of having them?

Felix Kjellberg says:

The little girl is anorexic

Jack watson says:

She save money on food but doesn't eat ? I am confused??

Candice Ross says:

The parents are insane if they let a CHILD control them. So thankful she isn't mine because unfortunately she would get a rude awakening right quick. Little brat.

Craving Darkness says:

What I've noticed with this couponing is it's all stuff you can't really live off… 60 bottles of BBQ sauce is useless if you have nothing to put it on… So they may save a huge amount of money buying these things, but still need to do another normal shop to get the actual basics such as milk and bread.

Jeon Jung-Kook says:

wtf kind of detergent is 92 dollars at the intro

R Elise Cheong says:

jeez i hate that haley girl. disgusting, the way she talks to her parents bout shopping

8ouvou says:



justacrazygirl5 says:

Instead of getting her a car i would get her a therapist. She is a bit obsessive, but she is extremely skinny.

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