Extreme couponing stockpile sale

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Extreme couponers are selling their stockpile items at yard sales.


Jess R says:

I can tell she coupons…. all that processed food she has coupons for is showing.

edmond e says:

Only sale to people that you know personally.

Luqmanul Hakim says:

At least it helps people who are from low income families.

lady2550 says:

Coupon fraud. I'm an extreme couponer.. that's illegal

Claudette Irving says:

Don't know why people are complaining, this people put time in to coupon and sale it. The stores buy these products and sale them to US the consumers for way more then she is.

OfficialMsAsia says:

You buy it cheap then sell it full price. That don't make no sense

Kovu The Hedgehog says:

I got a coupon app ad lmao

Porkymen says:

"ill coupon till the day i day" well hun with that much grease in your arteries ill give you 10 years max to continue

Albert Puentes says:

This should be illegal

Abby Aloese says:

2.50 for deodorant

Hang Nguyen says:

Win win for everyone's except the capitalist 👍

Mrs. Lady Jo says:

Where not jealous we think you are really mean person i watch extreme couponing they donate some of food what you did is illegal

Marissa Barbie says:

I mean I feel like this is totally illegal because I think you're supposed to be like allowed to sell certain items. Plus taxes … idk

Winona says:

Couponing to donate is an idea too

Shelli Chapman says:

I am a reseller. My local stores know this and support my business by ordering for me, they set up a cashier just for me. I have a resellers permit.

I think most of the nay-sayers are confusing LAW with coupon TERMS. It is NOT illegal to sell something bought with a coupon, there is NO LAW about this. There are some coupons that state can not be used on items bought for resale, but that is unenforceable as it's perfectly legal to buy something for resale. How do you think stores stay in business?

I once had an officer show up at one of my sales on a complaint that I was selling stolen merchandise. I showed him my box of receipts, my resellers permit and my garage sale permit. He laughed, was amazed at the variety and left. Next day he showed up again. I was confused and asked what the problem was, he said "no problem, I'm shopping!". Next day he showed up again, with multiple officers and 7 cars full of shoppers. The entire department and their friends and family now shops with me.

I had another shopper show up and wanted to buy all my laundry detergent. He offered me $20 "fer aller um" , I did a quick math and told him there were 13 in the tub and it would be $65 for all of them. but I had another 200 or so in the garage if he wanted more. Next thing I know, the guy is going nose to nose with me, telling me he's seen that couponing show, he knows what I paid for them and it's illegal for me to charge more than what I paid for them. Little switch goes off in my head, "get mad, see the humor, get mad, see the humor". See the humor won. I grabbed the guy by the arm, pulling him towards my car telling him, "quick, we have to go to Walmart and tell them they are breaking the law by selling things for more then they paid for them".

All you armchair lawyers seem to know so much about the law, maybe do some research instead of spouting bull. I guarantee I made more last year than most people. I have employees who depend on their paychecks and so do I.

Nia Cunningham says:

I need to do this!!☺️☺️

Elijah Salazar says:

God damn 🤣

Mr Happy Badger says:

Is that "axe" body wash just a cheap rip off of lynx?

Batmandelbrot says:

Why is it that when I see these extreme couponers they are often old Hispanic ladies? Would it be possible for an illegal immigrant to find employment via this method? I say yes..

Mathgasm says:

I bet the IRS would be interested about that weekly cash flow.

Dhd MJS says:

Yoo its her fucking money and she can do whatever the heck she wants with it. Shes hustles in her own way and gets what she wants

Kristen Sanabria says:

wow these people are straight trash. just donate the extra stuff

tina s says:

Unethical,, coupons state not for sale,, not to sell products,, yeah coupons are great,, but youre taking advantage of others

Angels Haven says:

If i buy an item it then belong to me, not the store or the mfgr. No one has the right to tell me i cannot resell ANYTHING i purchase. Even if i buy the item on sale or with a coupon. That is absolutely rideculous. I hvnt done this as i do not stockpile things. But i do coupon for food and everything i need. If i had room to store a stock i would and if i wanted to sell it, that is my decision to make. Where do they come off just bc i may be selling some items i purchased, no matter how i paid for them. They are not losing anything!

Raymond Kapala says:

wait till the IRS comes knocking!  She will find out why the supermarkets need to sell the products at a higher price

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