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Ibotta FINALLY explained to us their new policy and what the rules and expectations are. SO PUMPED to finally know exactly what they expect from us.


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HOW TO USE REBATE APPS: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDhkO6HhS9JxBOkaUNaIqhrAxEY4dAxW1

PO Box:
Ohio Valley Couponer
PO Box 8294
Zanesville, OH 43702

Kroger Instructional Videos:
How to Use Digital Coupons- https://youtu.be/5E17EsCzAg4
How to Shop Mega Events- https://youtu.be/N0HzrvG4T6w
How to Do “Catalinas”- https://youtu.be/vH88fIRmImQ
Let’s Chat About 5X Coupons- https://youtu.be/ZaDQGiRsk0I
Stacking Digital Coupons- https://youtu.be/OEEBKAmkF7w
1-2-3 Rewards Card- https://youtu.be/_HcpSgtLdPc
Kroger Cash Back Tutorial-https://youtu.be/xGLwC5jO9m4
Aisle Rebate Tutorial: https://youtu.be/9RxuTzTTJdc

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Anita Beal says:

So I am curious about two things. I see other youtube folks doing offers with coupons and their offers do not have the restriction but my offer for the same item has the coupon restriction offer on it..seems odd. Also, how can Ibotta restrict you from you other apps or even know if you are doing so after your purchase is done?

Sirena Spades says:

I have to question this further, because Walmart is NOT paying twice. For example, the manufacturer coupons, the manufacturer is paying for, P&G, , etc, that is NOT Walmart. It would be Walmart paying ONLY for the Ibotta ONE TIME even if stacked with a manufacturer.

Nikki Deaver says:

If we don’t click the WalMart coupon, will Ibotta give us credit?

Patti Ney says:

Thanks Nick!

Julie Yeskie says:

This helps a lot with explaining what Ibotta is doing! Thank you!

RaesAnimes says:

I was wondering about how ibotta would handle the walmart cash back situation just the other day. Thank you for clearing it up!

Carmen M says:

Ido u have a phone number for Ibotta? I get an error trying to withdraw $ and they haven’t responded in a positive manner…

Laura Kruger says:

I'm just curious what Walmart rewards program is, I have never heard of it

Maryrose Matthews says:

Thank you so much! Very helpful.

John Jackson says:

Spray the chair with wd40 no more squeaky chair with a much lower cost just spray a bit on each joint but not over carpet in case you get a few drips

rita slade says:

Thanks Nick for your update God Bless You

Charlotte Heartsyou says:

I’m mainly a Walmart and Kroger shopper, so it’s sad the changes with that. I’m glad that it’s not for all offers though. I still managed to complete my Mid Week bonus and got great savings, as well as the hubby. We paid a little more OOP, but overall we were happy. I think Ibotta has found a way to make us feel a little better about the changes, and still do the right thing while working with Walmart. May not be what we like, but I definitely see the changes with them meeting in the middle. I may not use Ibotta as much, but I will definitely still be using it. I’m very pleased with SK and Fetch lately too!

Side note the printable coupons for the All Detergent DOES NOT work on the Free & Clear. That was kind of a shocker, because it usually never excludes that!

Kimmy Beanz says:

They reversed a $1.67 from the 2% back from online shopping for jewel osco from over a month ago because I used a promo code for my pick up order 🙄 thank you for sharing!

Linda S says:

How do you think this will effect Kroger cash back?

Rose Claire Berkeley says:

Thanks for being on top of this I am very grateful for all your help 🙏🏾

Q Q says:

I put the breaks on all Ibotta shopping when the first when came out and have been in a shopping holding pattern awaiting the final, final, final final results. lol Not sure this is it yet. I heard that Ibotta changed some of the rebates that originally were clear to use coupons for, AFTER the rebate was legit submitted and rebate issued. They changed the wording afterwards, and then went back and took their money back from people. Sounds a bit shady to go retro actively. It might help to take a screen shot of the rebate terms, when you buy & submit the product for rebate, to prove (on your ticket) that you were entitled to the product rebate at the time you actually purchased it. You shouldnt have to do that, but? I cant imagine that they have enough staff to manually go through every account line by line, monthly, to insure that no products glitched. Its a logistically nightmare for them too, Im sure.

The FloMingGal says:

Thanks for the update.

Reggaegal Reggaegal says:

Thank you for sharing!

Dazzle500 says:

Thank you for the update, Nick 😊

Deedeesaidso says:

Thanks so much Nick, I've found ways around since I don't use a lot of coupons it hasn't been much of a difference. but this is great info to know 😊

Texas_Made_1988 says:

I won't even front on this issue with Ibotta..this app combined with coupons at walmart was my go-to,so this change isn't sitting right with me, helped me save and at the same time,keep building up money in my account!!! Target is doing this as well smdh. I'm looking back&fourth between apps though lol. Hmm might have to check out krogers. Plus they have awesome mark downs on food!

Paula Anderson says:

Walmart is all we have. So ty Walmart for raising prices and then restricting us from trying to save money. Their getting that coupon money back from the manufacturer so it still really doesn't make sense

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