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The Good Table:

Cascadian Farms:

Suddenly Salad:

Nature Valley Granola Bars:

Pilsbury Crescent Rolls:

Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits:

Muir Glen:


Stonefire Naan Bread:
Rebate apps that I use:



Saving Star:

Checkout 51:

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walt2t says:

I've had a couple of the boxes of potatoes but I got the kind with cauliflower and we really like them. I did the BBQ sauce and like you, it's something I don't need but they are great filler items. I wondered how to pronounce Quorn, I've gotten a couple of their products, not as good a meat but still pretty good.

SalivateMetal says:

Nature valley oats & Dark chocolate is my jam. lol They've been featured a plenty in my live feed. They should pay me for advertising. ahah Nice scores Lanie. Amazing you got all this stuff free. But, you knew how to hustle to make it happen. Kudos!

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