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Check out this deal here: http://savvycouponshopper.com/get-ready-41-physicians-formula-coupon-coming-1015-moneymaker-deal/


Heidi Talley says:

Thanks for sharing 😊
I’m definitely gonna do this if the coupon is in my Sunday paper

icy blu 88 says:

Pretty awesome coupon for CVS deals indeed! Thanks for sharing this with us Savvy! 😊

fbcervantes says:

No RedPlum Sunday wonder if coupons.com will hv

fbcervantes says:

CRT is $5 off $20

D Riley says:

WHAT! Ill give my soul for these lol but seriously im getting like 463638374 different papers so I don't miss out! Haha

Angelia Clary says:

Wow awesome deal

Cynthia Anderson says:

SO Excited! My inserts are Blah, so I preordered some inserts. Can't wait!!

Christine Murphy says:

Wow loving it my favoritmakeup

Dalys Valdes says:

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alice hibsher says:

It is in the smart source not red plum. We are only getting a smart source this weekend. I verified it on capris coupons

Nicole BROWN says:

Thanks sooooo much for sharing this deal. I really appreciate all you do in helping my coupon shipping pleasant. YOU ROCK!

Just Call Me Ms says:

Whoever gets this coupon will have a fantastic deal! πŸ’•

Something fun to look forward to next Sunday…

Oddly, I did get a physicians formula crt. I think I got mascara once back in January or February…& my crt's have been lousy & few lately…πŸ˜…

Sharon Bezel says:

Wow thank you! Hope I get the coupon!!

Thelma Espinel says:

I usually don't get most of those deals, but thank you for the information

Patricia Martin says:

Thank you for the heads up. I hope I get it. 😊

April Hernandez says:

That would be a great coupon too get but I know I will be one of the ones who will not receive it πŸ˜•

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