Getting Coupons in the Mail! Heres what I got! and I will tell you how!

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I emailed a bunch of different companies and ask for coupons! This clip shows you what I have got in the mail over the past week and a half! Its really easy to do, just Google a company that you want coupons from, and find the contact link, and just ask away! That simple!

Sarah Lee
Apple & Eve
Yo Crunch

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Cynthia Mendoza-Torres says:

I tried that too, I got Maruchan, Johnson and Johnson, michelina qs this past week. I also let companies know I am on low budget and can't afford printing coupons, which is very true.

Stacie Alison says:

Thanks for letting us know which companies that worked with…keep us posted! Just so you know, I wrote to about 10 companies a few weeks ago, all but one turned me down. Campbells did send some great coupons so you may want to try them as well! Good Luck!

ibemamo says:

Great advice, I'll sure be doing this.
It is so good of you to help your family and friends!
Love the kids, they are so cute.
Thanks,love your videos 🙂

guanacahermosa says:

Such a great intro!!!
Love it

Mom Hacks says:

That's great!

KayakFisher01 says:

Good video but looking at everything backwards, was messing with my mind.

DealLovingDiva says:

wtg PB!!! Thank you for this video 🙂

Ann M says:

Good video, thanks 🙂

MsRolley says:

i hear ya bro on that , iam gonna write hormel cause i love there cornbeef hash mmmmm

brendahere says:

I believe those from similac are CHECKS. this means you can use a manufactor coupon with those. There are some similac 12oz cans (cvs) with $10 off 5 12 oz cans. You can use three checks and the $10 manufactor coupon.
my stores are 5.49 this means I only paid a little under $2.50 for 5 cans.

1dandiesmom says:

Love yaour vids!
Cute kids!

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