[GMS] MapleStory 125 Special Beauty Coupons

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woot! found a good face/hair combo for my explorer ring mule. gonna keep leveling her now 😀


CanYouFeelTheRythym says:

I was going to say
"Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name I call myself
Far, a long, long way to run"
But I could be wrong. e__o

Vocal Korosu says:

Wtf, you got mad lucky combos yet you change them..

Lily nguyen says:

Omg at 0:33 is good !!!! Wth good skin,hair, and eyes!!! Wtf!!!!

Steven Ngwe says:

Do a deer a female dear, ray a shining ray from the suuuun, far a long long way to go… Anyone?

Clarissa Ortega says:

how did you get the hair coupons?

EARPproductions says:

i really just wanted some style/color combo thats unique :p this isn't my main char anyways.

Belle Bear says:

in the beginning.. you got black curly stream, light skin, and angel glow, on one of your couponss… WTF?! D: WHY DIDNT YOU KEEP? T_T

EARPproductions says:

@ishKaitlin hehe i liked a lot of them, but for the sake of making a video i kept going :3

ishKaitlin says:

33 and 1:33 were bes 😛

EARPproductions says:

@theloveangel7 don't be sorry >:o you voiced a valid concern! i should thank you! *poke*

EARPproductions says:

@theloveangel7 how am i supposed to know if the faces have special emotes if i don't do some emotes T_T

pupuskun meepmeepqwq says:

lool dad xD

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