HEALTHY GROCERY SHOPPING ON A BUDGET | Vegan Pantry Staples & Free Printable Grocery List

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How I grocery shop healthy on a budget, my vegan pantry staples and essentials, my dinner meal plan template to make weeknights easy, and a FREE printable!


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I’m Jordan, and I’m a lover of all things holistic health and wellness.

I upload weekly lifestyle videos about:

Eating healthy, unprocessed, plant based food

Meal planning, prepping, cooking and recipes

and life as a graduate college student to become a Nurse Practitioner!







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Jordan Waddell says:

In the comments, tell me your biggest struggle with maintaining a healthy plant based diet! Mine is eating out at restaurants!

Kasina Lucky says:

Thank you for that chickpeas tip. I think that was a really good 1. I had to stop the video and write it down. Thanks for that 1….

Mona Eversole says:

Excellent video

Gaia Andrea Compagni says:

My biggest struggle with maintaining a healthy plant based diet is my love for olive oil… it's just so good over here in italy and I end up consuming much more calories than I will ever need with my lifestyle just because of that irresistable deep fruity and savoury flavour… ugh… my mouth is watering!

Albaberry says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Especially given how busy you are! Extremely useful content. Have a great day 🙂

Geraldine Reads says:

Ouhhh love this kind of video! I would love to see a farmer's market vlog and haul video!

Terrah Ruth says:

My biggest struggle is quick and easy meals for our family- especially for dinner. Eating out is kinda hard too. I usually end up ordering side dishes if there is nothing else. Lol.

Jessi Brader says:

do you check how much sugar etc is in these sauces, peanut butter etc? i find most processed and not home made sauces have lots of sugar and preservatives, even lots of normal peanut butter has sooo much added sugar, so im very careful which one i buuy

Lee says:

Yayyyy! I see I'm on the right track… so many new great tips … template is a great start.😍😍😍

My Holistic Habitat says:

Jackson 🐶❤️
Any tips on what goes with polenta? Just bought some but never had it.
I love taking a baked potato, sprinkle some doll on it, and pouring BBQ sauce on it. So satisfying for summer BBQ season!
Your hair is so shiny! What shampoo/conditioner do you use?

Rach Everday says:

Thank you so much for sharing these templates, Jordan! This will help keep me inspired for the daily "what's for dinner, Mom?" ritual. I struggle with finding time to prep something for a healthy lunch. Do you have any dinner recipes that can roll into a "leftovers" lunch that isn't boring?

Anita Story says:

Biggest struggle is my husband is NOT vegan . . . Yet.

Lee says:

Are u concerned about having too much soy

Nurse Liz says:

I seriously am going to go buy all these things this week! Great base ideas! Thanks 🙂 I also have an unhealthy obsession with hummus haha

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