How I Save money without using insert and Printable coupons?

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In today’s video I am sharing with you all how I got $38 worth of products at CVS for $1.57 without using a single coupon from the newspaper or printable. I utilized my CVS CRTs and used a coupon from my CVS app. If you are new to couponing at CVS check out my video below on how to use your CVS app

Today’s video is also special because it is a collab video!
Check out
CVS Couponzales below

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Cvs Couponzalez says:

This was fun. I need to go get the gift card for the movies today. I totally forgot to get it. Enjoy your Sunday and it was a pleasure working for you. Yes we must encourage one another to keep on pushing. Thank you Gina

Kristen Houston says:

Congratulations on 24K

Ramis P says:

I’m wondering if you can give me an advice 😯. I went to cvs and the red box wasn’t working I let the manager know and she suggested for me to send my crts to my card . I did but a lot of them didn’t come off when I paid. In total I would have saved additional $15 dollars including the $6 dollars Almay crt. I called customer service and she was very rude and according to her she couldn’t help me because it has to having at least 72 hours since I did my transactions .

leslie pennison says:

Hey I am a new couponer and have a question! I bought one baby lips and 1 baby skin primer for the spend 2 get 6 on maybelline. For some reason it did not register the baby lips as a part of the spend 2 deal and my spend 12 get 4 dollars off crt did not come off when it was originally total priced at 12.49. Is this normal or should I call customer service for my extracare buck?

Michelle Myers says:

Loved the video. Using crts are tricky.

L I A N Y says:

Hi Gina! Really nice haul, you got some great items using CRT’s. I don’t get paper coupons unless the RMN comes in the mail so I do my couponing at CVS using only the coupons in the app, crt’s and the coupons CVS sends by mail sometimes. Loved this video. Wishing you and your family a wonderful day and fun road trip!

JDM Lala says:

I have been “surviving” lol off of crts ecbs, cartwheel for over a year my printer stopped working and aside from that ink was so expensive for my printer great video 👍🏻

Donna O’connor says:

Yes great 👍 job mrs Gina im slow down on my couponing im moving to San Jose PR soon so I’m limiting what I get 👍😎

Mistie Jones says:

Yes I always take medicine on trips too! You just never know.

Hazel says:

I been doing hauls like this lately too. I used to get retail me not coupons in the mail, but for some reason I haven’t received any for about a 2 months now. But us couponers always figure it out😏

Laura Yim says:

Awesome job! So creative and resourceful working with what you have. 🙂

Diana Yates says:

If you’re a Costco member, now until 7/7/19 – a Regal 4pk is $5 off. Making it $32.99-37.99 (depending on your region). Making it $8.25-9.50 per ticket!

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