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CodeBlack says:

Ez buy guns cheapest ones you have and ez tickets

AstrxCODM says:

I also lost golden friend because I use iOS and I use to have an Android

LDR Shadow qorpz says:

The portal gun

Nico Juarez says:

necklace of ice king on modules 4:18

MKzx. says:

Can I join ur clan I will be active plz 🧡

çağın tığlı says:

İf i buy 5 weapons me get 50 coupon but somone get 100+ how

AneeqPG3D says:

Hey I will join dev lite can I join (even though I’m a lottery grinder and clan grinder!) also give me bp credits! Sadly I’m fighter

sparta pg3d says:

Thx for the help man

Mooder M says:

Hey do any of you want to add me as a friend on pixel so we can do duels. I let you win then you let me win and we keep going until we get all of the weapons. Let me know by responding back and I’ll send over my freind code and I am not a scammer so we could even talk on the phone

Hossam Yahya says:

Hi I am new and I subscribed and liked to you

The shadow Man says:

Can u please gift me please im super bad my id is 245809706

PGx 3D says:

I have proof im an og player
I got ALL the weapons from licky chest when u could get them for free if u landed on them once
Spark shark, golden friend, candy baton and power claw


4:18 notik

SNG Tang says:

My user is sweat with the campaign skin

Efficiency boy says:


Nathaniel Smith says:

What do you think about royal marriage officiant.

Owen Harris says:

4:18 weapon

Magickidds Coin collecting says:

I got destruction system it’s awesome

SOAP PG3D says:

4:18 necklace of the ice king I watched the vid 4 times

Ash Pg3d says:

Can I get a shout out btw love ur vids.

Ethan Estes says:

How do you get guns so fast ?

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