How to get coupons & gems easy – Pixel Gun 3D – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 114

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How to know music in video:

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Nacho libre says:

1. Watch ads (for 10 coins)
2. Grind or get coins from set
3.clan chest (daily and winner)
Hope I'm not missing something

IX7-vRezxiiZ- says:

Wait is module chest remove on module section?

Duc Le says:

Keyboard and mouse

스틸러 says:

00:01 what music??

Містер Пропер says:

Ти чого українську мову незнаєш?

theking wolf100 says:

I really want poison darts for my cat spamming.

Edit: nvm, king of the soulstone i wanted
Edit: i meant necklace of ice king lul

theking wolf100 says:

I spend 500 coupons for that heavy ghost thingy and it was worth it

Dark Soul says:


Kevin K says:

What is the first song name

stsisour says:


•MeRbIsHappy• says:

What do you do with the coupons?

Chivara Nano says:

This song is called cradlles

Curupted 9119 says:

Can you gift me coupons i subbed to you and I watched your vids forever and i am a youtube i need a little help my acount name it WITHERED and my ID is 178089524 plz gift me coupons ive watched you for i think 2 years

Carlos Dano says:

What if u don’t have coins 🤔😤😒

๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻ YT says:

I dont have the weapons on my
Second acc

Rudol Von Stroheim says:

I noticed ur on computer

Supreme 2020 says:

And who’s watching in 2020

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