How To Make A Coupon Binder – (from Walmart store) Raining Hot Coupons

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Close This will show you how to make a coupon binder and the supplies needed from Walmart as well as the cost.


vickey stiles says:

OK I love your video and I will be twee king it just a tad cause I use 3 stores and a lot of adds. I wanted to get your binder but the only one I four d was 39.00 plus a 14:00 shipping and handling fee. Youch . How can I get your orginizational guide and the step by step info as well. Oh and what's your email address.

Whitney Webb says:

Mauricio- you can print legit coupons from or sign up for coupons from the store brand. These are manufacturer coupons and are perfectly fine to use. The manufacturer PAYS for you to use their product, in hopes that you will like it and continue to use it without a coupon as well as recommend it to your friends. Since the manufacturer is paying for it (WILLINGLY) and not the consumer, then it actually would be free.

Mauricio Munoz says:

Now right off that bat at 0:25 – 0:27 NOTHING IS FOR FREE!!!… Iditios… Some of these coupons that you download online are NOT legit and are intended to hurt businesses. I know this because I am a cashier!!!…… BE AWARE!!!

oobertuberdude says:

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Lorna Demarrco says:

where is the best online coupons

Granny crafting says:


pblockification says:

the nerd section… i love it!

hannahalexismommy says:

Thanks for the info!!! this is great! by the way…I absolutly looove your hair!

mysterymelody says:

@Insanewarrior666 Its wonderful to be prepared.

Insanewarrior666 says:

Whats a girl to do with all that KY Jelly??

Tasha Marcel says:

OMG I love you and I should have been following you from the beginning of my crazy coupon world….I'm a beginner since the show started.

twinkers760 says:

hi sarah i watched this video and i wanted to know do u use this new method now of just keeping the inserts ? it does seem to be alot easier. i might try it . will u have new videos soon ?

easternstar12 says:

Thank you so much for all of your help. I am new to couponing and your videos are great. I live in Texas and my grocery store don’t have double couponing so what is the best way for me to get bargains at the grocery? Al ot of the coupons say get $1.00 off of 2 of an item. How do I save by buying 2 items and only getting $1.00 off?


im so inspired to get organized and my mom just started couponing and this video is very helpful in getting us started. thank you soo much 🙂

MsRolley says:

have to make another trip to walmarts to get those card holders/binder thank you

Fun Cooking and More says:

I never couponing before but I will start this weekend. Can you please give me more tips on organizing and also how to start the whole process? It's so confusing. Thanks

Nightangelbabe says:

Very smart! I plan to do that so i can keep up with my insert.thank you 🙂

Sue24301 says:

I have two binders but only because I wanted to see which method worked better for me. I have my printable coupons, blinkies and some cut coupons in one and the whole inserts in another. Who knew I was on to something, I just kept them in the other binder to sort out of the way until i had time to clip the coupons. Thanks for this video, I guess I will keep my two binder methods after all, lololol.

TheBrunetteswin says:

Girl, I just went to Family Dollar and saved almost $20.00 and spent about $25.00. You really have helped me so much, (I even caught that they shorted me two coupons worth $4.50) but too late now, but I am catching on about the coupon system. I even got my dtr. the glasses from the website you posted, for just $16.00 I can't say thank you enough for these videos, you are really teaching me alot and saving my family ALOT of money.

Gabi says:

I love seeing your videos.. Like I said in other videos, I've just starting this in Canada and I find it sooo hard, I admire your patience for this. 🙂

RachelGreen says:

@SweetDarling33 I meant to say "cut out coupons"… sorry Im multitasking atm

RachelGreen says:

yeah and remember it's better to have zippered binder for the cut out binders, god forbid if it gets dropped on the floor…. OMG, with zippered binder nothing will fly out and you can also get thise pouches for stores like CVS where you keep magic coupons from the machine and card. I have 4 pouches for 4 stores so I can even prepare coupons for my TARGET trip in a pouch and a shopping list together.oh, btw TARGET has better quality card holers than Walmart. They re also in card section

RachelGreen says:

it's great idea for binder with inserts only BUT it's also good to keep the other binder that you can carry with you and have all the coupons that you got from other sourcss, printables)pillies, coupons from boxes and insides and booklets and all those small coupons.AND like i do all the coupons I cut out from inserts that I know I will use. So 2 binders is PERFECT idea,because I have all my insets on the desk… but now I will organise those too. Thanks

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