How to sew a coupon organizer or velcro clutch purse

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“Extreme Couponing” is all the rage these days. Here’s an easy sewing project that takes little time and little fabric. Organize all of you coupons neatly in your purse or use this as a cute money holder if you are giving cash or check this holiday season.

Skill Level: Beginner / Easy

10″ X 12″ Fabric X 2 (your choice)
10″ X 12″ thick or medium-thick interfacing
Sew-on velcro –
file folders

Sewing Machine
Coordinating thread
Chalk or fabric marker

Paper cutter
Iron and Ironing board

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A Butler says:

Great video. Thanks so much!

Yvonne Joseph says:

Love the video,thanks for the easy lesson,God bless.

Adrian Lopez says:

Hello 🙂 love the video but I have a question: will the wallet be too flimsy if interfacing is not used?

NEB Barnes says:

Ok, I know this isn't what you have made but I have a question on using velcro. The neck roll pillow cover I am currently trying to make is 5" diameter by 12" in length. Instead of a zipper I would like to use velcro. I am trying to figure out how do I even start sewing and where do I put the velcro. I added a full inch on the sides I am going to add the velcro on instead of the 1/2 for sewing. The velcro I have is an inch wide. Do I cut the velcro that I am attaching to exactly 12" so it goes all the way across? Or do I cut it shorter like 10"? Do I still fold it so it measure 12" in length and then attach the velcro? Ugh! Help!

Laura B says:

This is great! Can you please tell me what kind of interfacing you used – is it the "fusible web" stuff that irons on, or something different? Sorry if that's a dumb question, but I am a real beginner to sewing.

Amy MacNeil says:

This was a great project. Did it in an hour or so with scraps I had around the house. Thanks so much!

Kathia I.V says:

Thanks very much!

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