If All The Barcodes Are The Same On Your Sparkle Coupons

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Mishael Riffle says:

How many does sparkle allow you to print?

randilynn de la torre says:

How many coupons are we allowed for one product, in one transaction?

C Nutter says:

There is very fine print of coupon code that is different in each coupon. Locate on edge above Expiration Date. 😉

Viola Alley says:

got my sparkles coupon… thanks

nmgamez says:

I wasn't able to print my coupon for sparkle towels.

Viola Alley says:

good advice ..

michelle hall says:

From our area in a 50mile radius; finally after several stores, a manager told me they are not only putting all the white dot with that # u gave us back to regular price but they are taking all red dots off of the shelves and put them in the back to send back to the warehouse. He also hinted it was being done for the employers to have. That's not right for all of us. I went to a pot load and couldn't find any red dot on anything.

Rosie Shoemaker says:

Ty for the info

Rosie Shoemaker says:

Wasn't no red dots in my area went to three different stores I needed some new bed pillows.

Wendy Thomas says:

I just went on ibotta and typed in promo code MerryLittleMingle and got a rebate for walmart for a family size bag of lays for 3.50 and I paid 2.50 and got rebate back for 3.50 for buying the chips

Audrey Rodriguez says:

Can u tell us about the right guard glitch deal

Julie Bond says:

the manager did say next week red dot will penny!!!

Karen Lanclos says:

Thanks for making these videos

Julie Bond says:

I when and got some red dot things and I got 3 pillow all the same red dot reg. price was $10. and they rang up for $3. I asked why it as not 90% off and I was givin a shitty attitude and told he did not know why! So I still got them bc I liked them! So I when to a different store and got a pillow that was almost the same and it was only a $1. So I when back to the the first store and when to the manager and he told me that different places have different prices and didnt want to change the price. So I told him I would so home and call corporate then he says to me as I was walking out the door to come back in and he would change it for me. So I got 4 pillows 3 shower cretins 1 confider and 5 through blanket. I got a cup that was some off but not 90% and it was a red dot. still made out will!

BB Bri says:

I think I have those Conttonelle Qs. I'll check now!

Wanda Tennyson says:

Thank you, for not deleting! You are awesome

Robbie Warren says:

Thanks Christa for not deleting your videos,you help me a lot.

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