It’s Raining Coupons at CVS + P & G Rebate Deadline

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*How to Get More CVS Coupons* to stack/use with manufacturer coupons

Make a small purchase and get COUPONS at the bottom of your receipt then scan your card at the redbox and get more COUPONS… I forgot to mention I usually pay cash for my small transaction and no ECBs, % off or purchase based coupons($4/$20, $10/$50) so that may make a difference. Good Luck!!

P & G Rebate ends 12/31. Rebate must be postmarked by 1/30/2013

CVS $Upcoming Deal$ Wk. of 12/23 & 12/30


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chevysnfirst2 says:

thanks so much! Both my friend and I purchased a Coke last night when we started and both got coupons on our receipts!

2028R says:

Thanks for the tips Ive done this a couple times n it has work

Susie Q says:

I don't shop there much but I noticed a pattern too. I just hadn't taken the time to figure it out yet. I'm sure you may have said this in the past, but you have to scan the card until it's says there are no more q's for that card.

tabbcaty says:

thanks for the tip !:~)

hellocutie p says:

Hi, I just got back from CVS and I got some great coupons. I watched your video and made a small purchase and BLAM coupons!!!!! I have NEVER gotten coupons at the bottom of my receipt…..thank you so much. I got $5 off Nutra Nail's gel manicure, $1 off triaminic and $8.00 of Shick Hydro razor……this will hopefully be a MM next week. Thank you so much.

QponQueenDiva says:

I've noticed that the coupons on the bottom of your receipt are on the website under your rewards on the cvs website, just an FYI. If you don't want to print the q's using your own ink then by all means make the small purchase as stated in the video above. Otherwise print them from the CVS website under your log-in extracare account.

Qponclippingteacher says:

Tfs! Do you know if the Venus disposables count for the rebate? Thanks!

Stephanie L. says:

I haven't been getting any coupons lately because the red box at our stores machine is broken (we only have one store within an hour of us) and nothing has been coming at the bottom of my receipt 🙁

foodandfashioncents says:

Hi Hon, yes I always have my card scanned during transactions and the green bag tag 🙂

girlnamedholly says:

do you have the cashier scan your card with the small purchase?

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