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Hey everyone . I was doing some browsing in Kohl’s and stumbled on their sandal wall of shoe’s . There is a sale right now. We also see some sneakers. wedged and some heels. Boots are on sale. Men’s is mainly vans and a lot of dress shoes. I try to fit as much men’s but there was a family shopping and I didn’t want to be in their way. Hope’s this gives you ideas on all types of shoe styles even the ugly ones! Thanks for hanging with me . Have a great day or night. Please stay safe and BUCKLE UP!

Compra conmigo en kohls. Zapatos para la familia. Sandalias para clima más cálido. Nombre de marca diferente estilo, conver, nike, puma y botas. Gracias por ser mi compañero de compras.

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Kendyl Heyer says:

I love your videos!

Jat Maderazo says:

I got the vans checkered slip ons it was $50 but when I went to the cashier, the lady ask me if i was a member at kohls and i said no, so she gave me a discount for being a member, now it was just $35

FAY- E says:

Another lovely video nice display of all varieties flip flops and sandals i like pick choose and refuse

Dominique Clayton says:

I saw a lot of cute shoes!!! Thanks

jagpit show says:

Hey hey hey my arizona fam it's your favorite neighborhood ♈ aries and it's a boring lonely night and you know what that means I will catch up on all your videos lol!!!! As you know I let them buildup for such occassions lol

Kenny Cox says:

I know the advertise price is higher but when you ise coupons it cones down to the same price as Marshall plus you qualify for cash back. I know it because I shop at Kohls

GMarie says:

Kohl's have lost their damn mind.😁 And I'm looking for some Vans. $65😐

erica menez says:

Hey this this gives me ideas.

orangebalm says:

I don't get how jelly sandals are fashionable

Jessica Cruz says:

I love vans and different styles. My husband loves the smell of leather lol.

tessa nunez says:

Lauren conrad is over priced for something so basic. Vans are my favorite too

LaTanya Porter says:

Shoes yea, too cute okkkkkk getting ready for summer it's time, ready or not Thank you 🤗👀

Ericha says:

Why are shoes so ugly this year. Good lord

Fabiana Green says:

Nice video!! Besos desde Argentina!!!💋❤

samanthavlogs says:

I like how we are able to see varitey of shoes . Some of them you can find at walmart but its on sale and almost the same price.

Sara Xamda says:

Wow 😲 nice 👍

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