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Come with me through the Macy’s shoe section. It’s been awhile since I been here. I normally never buy shoes from here . If I see something I like I end up going on line to find it . This was just a fun walk through . We see lots of sparkle, bebe, madden girl, Michael kors, Calvin Klein etc..
Thanks so much for tagging along.

This is a Family friendly shopping channel.
We look. We share 🙂
We have variety from toy hunts to squishies .
All kid related videos are in the afternoon.


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This channel is a family friendly. We look through stores. Store walk through. We go hunting for squishies. Orb soft’n slo squishy hunting. Name brand designer handbags from Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx. We also look at décor items what stores have in stock. Room ideas, home ideas, Furniture, makeup. Ideas for anyone. Toy hunting for shopkins, LOL surprise dolls, slime, silly squishies, you can also find doll hunting videos from barbies to my life as and American girl shopping plus journey girls and baby alive. Having fun and sharing 🙂


bernadette bacuna says:

wow I'm always watching your video's hope have one shoes..hehe

Alpa Khunt says:

From where this collection csme

Tany Lee says:

I have those platform converse they are really comfy

Akere Viviane says:

I think u love sneakers alot, try to show us some hills and sandals too

Denisse QD says:

Que lindas zapatillas

spooky01ful says:

I have a request do a rainbow shops video please

SosO ، says:

wow 👏👏👏👍👍💘💘💘💘

san Sandou says:

I fxd5 3f77 u hfch. I mih6nkmn7jjui

,H v v v bhbb v. I. Bvv v 5btt the u. B. Bhbb. hynnnnnnnnnnhhynjnujnu NJ mk8n has numerous

maya maya says:

Merci pour cette vidéo j'ai vraiment aimé e 💖💝💗bon continuation 🌸 🌹 🌻

Emin Mahmudov says:

Coox xowuma geldi

Debshree Basu says:

lol. i heard her baby say ' these are like .. no toe shoes " hahhahahahaha indeed

The Honest Wife says:

Can you do a DSW shoe video? Thanks!

Life With Tepha says:

It's not "Soda" brand. It's "Thalia Sodi"…love watching your videos but you're kind of an air head

J Bilducia says:

why are the shoes used in macys

mabely villegasb says:

which macy's?

Hanna Jean says:

Anyone know the shoe at 4:13?

carmen aguirre says:

I’m pretty sure the reason it’s only 1 shoe is to stop people from shoplifting. You have to ask for the other pair when you’re about to pay they have them in the back

Tina De La Paz says:

Love love love youre videos🤗

Bella and Hammy Dreams says:

Lol keds use2 b like 20 dollars back in the day oh do u remember pro wings 😂😂

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