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Come shop with me through Sears. I keep reading stories about them closing. It looks like it to me . Everytime I pass this store it’s empty and has a sad vibe to it. Like the life is just suck out of the store. They do have some great deals going on. Jewelry that is 75% off lip balm is till a dollar. 65% off shoes .
here is a walk through.

Thanks so much for tagging along.
Have a great night or day and please stay safe.

This is a family friendly shopping channel.

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shop with me sears
come shop with me beauty deals


Dustin M says:

Will you do a Sears apparel shop with me?

Steven larabee says:

I love sears

pretty girlzzz says:

I love small hoop earrings especially silver or white gold

Taina Cristina says:

I love your videos, I' m from Brazil!!!!

Itsyagirlrosey 88 says:

Where is this located

xochitl lopez says:

💛Love the video thank you 💛😊 👍

Giselle sanchez says:

I have 2 sears and 1 is closing and the other one is still running

Harisha Kalahasti says:

Is s sears closing?

S Holcomb says:

There is never any shoppers at our Sears store. I don't know how it's still opened.

Yami Magana says:

Can someone do a video on backpacks at tj max or marshalls they always have good deals on nice backpacks

Jena Penrod says:

when is Sears officially closing

Tina De La Paz says:

I'm not a jewelry person either. My mom was one of those ladies that matched from head to toe, she wore the earrings the bracelets ,necklace even hair accessories to match her clothes. Oh and the fingernails to. She definitely made a statement. She was the cool aunt.

•N o r a • says:

Wait sears stores closing??????? What!!!!

Kasia K says:

#earlysquad. Love your videos ❤️💛💚💚😁

Iloveagdoll28 says:

I love your videos

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