Last Day on Earth: How to get Coupons?

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In this video I cover the best methods to get a constant supply of coupons and keep going forward with the changes to the bunker. I also show the loot I receive in all of the crates consisted of being retrieved in the lobby by the use of these coupons. Hope you enjoy the video and remember to support my channel and leave some feedback 🙂

Music: Nova- Ahrix


ES Entertainment says:

lol nice video 😀

Lucky Zombiekiller says:

Lol I was playing this game trying to get the coupons when I was ambushed by toxic spitter and abomination and then I was running away then I got shot by an AI survivior

Lucky Zombiekiller says:

Wow great vid u are a great youtuber this really helps I can go into the lobby on the bunker

TransarmGaming says:

nice video!! i wonder if vehicle parts buff still work for the bunker 3 boxes. there is no "opening box time", it opens immediately so the buff could apply upon entering bunker code?

Jefq Weeman says:

Plrase som1 lemmme smash hard

AC NATION ! says:

You got unlucky with the red chest

Caffeine 13 says:

500+ subs…. No Coffee, no whiskey, no party ….wtf bro? Lol

Raha D says:

Now I actually have a reason to go to red zones

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