Maximize Your Savings With Coupons

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VLOGUST DAY 19- I will be sharing with you how and when to use your coupons. I hope it was informative. If you have any questions leave them below and I will answer them on my next coupon Vlog 🙂


Monica Flowers says:

Thanks for the information, I've learned the not so monthly needed items serves good as party platters or good as a snack when your on the go and guests come over. Rein-checks are great, thanks for the reminder!

CityFarmin says:

Do I call the newspaper directly for Sunday papers or is there somewhere else I can get a good deal on them?

She's In Her Apron says:

Thank you so much for watching!

MeliAnBett says:

Good video! My Publix is getting very bad about their coupon politeness, which is ironic since they're new advertising ploy is that their coupon friendly! Bring your store's coupon policy from their website with you and get the name of the manager you talk with, if you call. My store has different shift managers who all have different assumptions about their coupon policy. I've had to explain to many a cashier and store manager their own policies. I feel like such a b**** afterwards, though. 🙁

Jeanne Gee says:

I know cvs issues rain checks.

She's In Her Apron says:

Good question! I would think so. Call ahead and make sure the store your heading to does. I'm know the grocery store chains will. I don't think Wal-mart does. I wonder about the drug stores. Hmmm…. I'm on a mission now to find out.

The Love Family says:

Does every store do rain checks? Love this, I am just starting couponing this helped a lot!

Knoxlette says:

I went BONKERS with the coups after my twins were born and we ended up tossing out a lot that we just didn't use or like. I would spend hours and tons of money just to get a free toothbrush. It was not a high point for me so I kind of just gave up. I need to get back into it but in a very low-key way. If my husband even sees me to near the paper with a pair of scissors he gives me the skunk eye. Great video. Thanks.

She's In Her Apron says:

I have been slacking also. We have been living off our food storage as well. It's just been busy with the kids around here. But school is starting this week And so do our routines 🙂

She's In Her Apron says:

I can work that in 😉 I do have one vlog on menu planning you can check out while I work on another one.

She's In Her Apron says:

Ahhhh Love ya!! I hoped it helps 🙂

Lighten Up says:

you did a great job with this video. I learned alot and can't wait to put your advice into action. Love you Kimmy!!!

She's In Her Apron says:

I get 5 of the same daily herald every Sunday dropped off at my door step. I don't get any of the weekly paper except Thursday, Why? I don't know it came with the deal.

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