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Downtown on 7th Avenue Handbag Adventures says:

CVS gave me CRT's but they were poo ( yelling booooo) I feel your pain. Glad to hear you at least had a good haul. Thank you for sharing.

Rosa Marie says:

Here in Lancaster, TX I only received the Colgate and candy CRT😐

Kendra Foster says:

I didn't get any CRTs.

princessoffire1107 says:

After watching this, and four other videos and I don't know how many comments complaining about the coupons not being taken off, I just had my card wiped clean and am only putting a few digital's back on. I don't have the time, the money and I sure don't have the patience to wait 48 hours before I can even call them to complain LOL

Alejandra says:

i just came from CVS and it did the same 2cents only but then she manually adjusted


I thought i was only one yea i only got like 4 crts. I dont know. Jeez

tammy meek says:

I got 15 CRT's

Carol Hines says:

I only received one

The Home Plate Special says:

I feel for you on the register / CRT problems but at least you looked beautiful. You should do a show on your hair, makeup, skin /health / beauty tips. You are looking amazing.

Britty Lew says:

I've had some really bad shopping trips at CVS. Their customer service line and email are terrible.

Heather Lucey says:

I only had 2 CRT 's as well bull crap 💩

The Home Plate Special says:

I recvd the colgate and candy Qs and used them. I got others but left them in the car that I cant get to right now but will try to report here which ones I received.

Ashley Garcia says:

Called CVS Customer service…they said I should have my personalized deals within a few hours. They say they had a problem with their program.

Kimberly Knepp says:

I got 3 CRTs last week, 6 this week. I shopped Saturday for last weeks deals did the 30 get 10 Ecb coupons went through fine but then ecbs didn't print for 10 deal or oral b toothbrushes. Cashier called up manager she tried the it has to be 30 after coupons story. I wasn't having it but I always try to stay pleasant then we figured out that the ads merged at 6 pm so the register picked the better deal what a mess! She finally pushed my ecbs through. Happened to several people behind me as well. I felt bad for the cashiers because they had to deal with the mess. CVS needs to get it together! And don't bother contacting customer service about CRTs you will only get the its all random who gets what CRTs. Speech or email.

Wendy Rodenbaugh says:

Haven't done the colgate yet but did the hershey deal. Not only that but our cvs had a nice huge cart full of clearance hershey=so actually got 2 TWO for about 30c. No probs.

Also got A BUNCH OF crts happily, on my and hubby's card. Ill post on FB later today lol. Sorry u had issues. I had HUGE issues with Target last week. All those $5 tgcs you all got? MY TARGET here in Indianápolis supposedly "wasn't taking part in those promotions " _store mgr words)!!!!!
Can you BELIEVE THAT MESS? I didn't get NOT A ONE! All my planning for nothing.

Ill be calling corporate today ABOUT THAT.

So I DEFINITELY feel yr pain but no probs with my cvs. They're pretty great actually lol

Dancer Doll says:

The coupons are price adjusting like at Target.

Om Ali says:

On my card I didnt get a single CRT, but I haven't gone to CVS yet, I just looked on the app, on my husbands card had some really nice ones.

Mary Spain says:

last week cashier tried 3 times first was all items rung up all coupons & crts used other 2 times i split the items & coupons and CRT's to get my crts & coupons to work ( not) had to call mgr she did it as 1 transaction but it said i needed 2 cents to earn the ECB so it ignored the rule where cvs rounds up so manager used her card to ring me up and it printed the ECB and she signed it for me to use .(Va.) as i shopped on sat i had to wait to shop this week on mon as i earned my Beauty bucks reward and my perscription reward shopping sat and it takes 48 hrs to go on my card so FINGERS CROSSED this week is a better shopping experience. sat i got 6 panteens and 2 toothpaste ONLY took 5 transaction to get it right LOL

Hamzah Abushaban says:

Yes same I only got 1 crt very strange

xOxEllyBean says:

I've had issues with my crts printing from the machine saying they aren't for my card. Made zero sense! Ugh! I got 4 crts today.

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