My Coupon Organizer for Circulars and Competitor Coupons

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I was tired of not having my coupons from my weekly Sunday circulars with me while shopping and came up with a cool ideal I thought I would share with you. After you watch the video head over to and print those list. Send me an email and let me know what you think of this system.


Terri Harrison says:

No problems yet.

chevysnfirst2 says:

I really like this idea. I have started increasing the papers I buy and I have all of these inserts and they are a mess! My only questions is do you ever poke holes in any of the bar codes when doing this?

Rose Marie Conway - Torres says:

what about the expired coupons….how do you deal with that….ROse Marie…love ya girl…I am new to this and I am just starting…i am a beginner…help me 🙂

Julia's Life says:

Great idea I will be utilizing this I feel so lost when I dont have everything I need in the store and I will put them in the car so always on hand thanks.

plharr23 says:

love how you can see all that is in inserts i go thruogh too much ink trying to print coupons so i lik that i can see just inserts thanks

Terri Harrison says:

That a great ideal. Thanks for the tip.

Terri Harrison says:

Thank you. Let me know if you need any help getting it all together.

dlw5k says:

this is really helpful.

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