My Stockpile Using Coupons – Raining Hot Coupons

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Close This is my stockpile and almost everything you see I got using coupons and a lot of the items I got for FREE! Please visit my website to learn how to use coupons, save money, store lists with the deals every week, HOT deals, and more! Thanks for watching. 🙂


hellen hussman says:

great stockpile,i hope mine gets to be as good as yours

Valerie I Vanorden says:

How 'bout donating some stuff and organizing w tupperware or like plastic as you do? 

crystal Dunkley says:

I was wondering i am just starting and wondering what u do to keep mice away

Opga89 says:

I wish that i could move to america in Sweden NOTHING is for free

Itazuke Dee says:

why didn't you organize prior to making the video?

ProjectAZrunway says:

What state do you live in?

ProjectAZrunway says:

Ahhhh I want double value coupons!!! So jelly! Great haul/stockpile! Thanks for sharing!

20misses says:

the candy I mean

20misses says:

Its funny how people were quick to assume all that was just for your family only

Tejca J says:

I was just wondering why would you need so many stuff? I understand you got them for free or almost free but still.

see sea says:

wow the rice crispy box are so cheap anyways i was wondering does fresno have those coupons too

Cody Myers says:

if the world suffers a zombie apocalypse and i'm still alive i'll make note to raid your house first

po oal12 says:

Nice tea stash

systemaddictshock says:

I wish there were coupons for ammunition

itzblankuh says:

Do you know if the $1/1 coupon for the goodlife catfood was the one that said Goodlife Cat Recipe Cat Treats? Needing cat food but I didnt know if they would accept it because of the picture on it & it says cat treats & not cat food?? T.I.A.

Sorbik says:

almost resembles the Hoarders tv series

dirtyfrank81 says:

@xeda712 I coupon, but mostly for cleaning products, laundry soap. I dont really coupon for food, if I do its for mayo or ketchup, stuff that will keep for awhile. People who coupon just dont buy junk food and we are not all heavy people.

dirtyfrank81 says:

@TheBlacksheep2020 I just started a few weeks ago myself. YOu always start with one newspaper. If the coupons are good enough, then you buy more. It all depends on what the coupon says. I usuallyl wait till I see a sale where its buy one, get one free of an item. For example if a bottle of coke is buy one, get one free at a store then I will hunt for a coupon for coke to pay for the coke I have to buy. Im still learning myself. Good luck!

dirtyfrank81 says:

@BrOOkieGurL1220 good laundry coupons are hard to come by. First, you need to check facebook. I paid 88 cents for snuggle dryer sheets just for liking their page. Theres alot of those. YOu like their page and you can download their coupon. There are also websites where you can pay & they send you the coupons you want. I dont pay for coupons, I just hunt. I buy the sunday early edition on saturday. If there is good coupons, I will buy another paper on sunday, then I have a paper delivered to me.

xeda712 says:

how do you coupon people not get fat eating all this junk?!

spikey games TV says:

i have a say buy like 5 papers, so how do you end up with that many of each thing in your stockpile?? just just starting couponing and a little confused lol

R. Davis says:

3 things.

I personally think that buying a BUNCH of one item is ridiculous, but I have to say the Barbecue Sauce for 49cents a piece is awesome!! So good job! I wish my town had an Albertsons!

2. You have a lot of candy! Do you ever worry that your children are going to eat unhealthy?

3. Do you use alot of bread? Because If I had that many they would mold! Lol I want your stockpile!

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