Nivea Internet Printable Coupon Snafoos!

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Rhonda Booker says:

Love yr videos

Kitty Gunderson says:

TY for the clarification. I think I have had a few nivea coupons lately and I can't keep track. I must say I was enjoying the little one waving away behind you also 😉

Anna Rogers says:

Its at CVS. Ive seen the in shower lotion there

Msycoupon says:

I have a little history with these Nivea coupons. The In-shower Body Lotion coupon is for what it says…which is available at Target. Everything else will only work with the "Body Product" coupon which is like a Big-Foot sighting…and it makes sense. Hope this helps.

Amy Stotts says:

Check out my Facebook post that I just put up. I took a picture of the Nivea in shower body lotion.

mastljn j says:

The Nivea in shower lotion, I think it is supposed to be the blue 2.7 ounce bottle that is blue and the top of the bottle is on the bottom.

Reina Juarez says:

When does the pose deal at DG exp. ?

amber lou says:

At least your honest. But i think the in shower lotion one is blue and it has a shower head on it and says in shower lotion

Amanda Gilbo says:

In shower lotion bottle stands upside down and says in shower right on the front. I know Rite Aid and Walmart has it, I don't think I've ever seen it at any DG. Imo it's a waste of money. It doesn't make your skin any softer, you put it on and rinse it off

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