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Coupon Mail time Xtreme Clippers!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who sent mail to my PO BOX!!! You are amazing!!! I truly appreciate the time, thought and consideration to all those who sent me mail!!!!

PO BOX 91863
Long Beach CA 90806

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DaraLovesCoupons (Dara Williams)
PO BOX 91863
Long Beach CA 90806


Gina Trenholm says:

That's great to get coupons lol

GlaMariS Sagittarius says:

thank you jessica

Elaine Tanton says:

That's amazing

Terry Lee says:

This is my 1st week to see you. I am so happy to find them. I am just starting and want to look at your couponing 101 so I can get started right. I am 56 years old not knowing how to work electronics real good so I have to be careful about which thingy I touch so as not to lose what I am looking at or listening to. Please be patient withme if I have a lot of ?'s to ask.

Erica Lane says:

Colgate please and thank you jessica

Amanda Rountree says:

Thank you JessicA

Mike Rene says:

Hey dara I heard that you said you were gluten free so did you do the Van's Waffles deal at target if not it is now a run deal price 2.99 cartwheel 40% making it 1.79$ and there is a printable manufacturer for 1.25 off when you sign up for there eclub making it 54 cents for a pack frozen gluten free waffles aka circular bread with squares and who doesn't love bread

Irene Hamilton says:

thank you jessica

Irene Hamilton says:

awesome i want in i totally digg your videos

Maria Erendira Menchaca-Araujo says:

thank you jessica!!😀😀

Marina Howard says:

Thank you JESSICA!!!

Marina Howard says:

Awesome Im going to start paying closer attention when I go to Doctore…lol

forrealgirl 42 says:

Thanks for sharing the video

Nee Nee says:

Thank you Jessica!!

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