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Thismomlovesmakeup says:

I have a question I have a 20% off coupon and I plan on doing the st.ives deal but I won't break them up into two transactions because of my coupon so I will lose out on money should I do that or break my transactions up

Patty Cakes says: <—- here is the link to take the quiz to
get the coupon

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

tango2u says:

Thank you Toni

Araceli Ibarra says:

thanks Toni. I did it from my phone &since I don't have a printer access right now I saved as a pdf to print later

Anna Semina says:

I did not see Take a Quiz. Where this?

MsPanage2000 says:

I completely stopped getting crt's. When I emailed cvs I received a generic "not everyone gets them" email reply. I started digging on the web and found out if you start using too many or are saving too much they randomly stop sending you crts. I have only started couponing since feb of this year so I don't understand how they picked me. I try to stick to the $10 deals each week. Has this happened to anyone else? This week I didn't even get the instant candy crt everyone is suppose to get. On the web they call this having a "dead" card and say you need to get a new one with a new email address. If this next week (third week) I still don't get any I will get a new one I guess.

Joann Cragle says:

have a great night💐

Susan Abushaban says:

I only was able to get one print not there anymore they are hip to us lol

Cynthia Mendoza-Torres says:

I printed and the printer messed up so it shows all light. That's because ink is full 🙁 doubt they'll take it

babyangelina2003 says:

Will cvs take a black and white printed coupon?

Janet Powe says:

Thank you Toni.

red red says:

can we use more than 1 cvs q for the checkout? Because sometimes when I go to CVS and use the same cvs q it beeps on the second one saying I already use the q but their not. They are different.

Just Call Me Ms says:

I just printed coupon. Thanks so much! 💕

Angie Jarmon says:

Got mine. Thanks Toni

Michelle Raisner says:

I'm not gonna either bother, they wouldnt take my cvs optic white toothpaste with a manaufactured q, so why waste the ink i feel. I think walgreens is looking better and better….

Ruby Canizales says:

Just my luck…I can't print it.😭

Calvin & Diana Lee says:

Thank you so very much for sharing. I got mine. You're awesome, Toni.

Deanna Palmer says:

got mine thanks if we have two computers and can print 3 coupons we can separate this deal into 3 transactions for an even bigger money maker

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