Shoe Carnival excursion

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Cuhrqly. says:

They fake ?

NeNe M Wright says:

I just 😍 looking at shoes

FalconsZone6 says:

U gotta have an open mind when shopping in a store like that….I fucks with shoe carnival on they vans and Nike slides because they cheap.

4 atorce says:

nice vid bro try the air precision's that they have now!

Abel Ostrem says:


stunt x rain says:

I go third for Nike sandels literally they got every anime Sandler color and they got good socks that all I go their for

barbara armstrong says:

I order my shoes online because they have better selection and they have better price range and I can always find my shoe size the store is terrible

Who Run Bartertown? says:

What city is this Shoe Carnival in? I work at a Shoe Carnival and we are not supposed to display BOGO signage on any Nike aisles.

804 King of Foams & J's says:

Def…waste of time, looking to find a gem in a trash can!

PinoE says:

I don't know what half those were lol

804 King of Foams & J's says:

Pain82 got jokes lol!!!! I oughta do a vid on my NikeID Customized Shox!!!

PAIN82 says:

Why you grab them shocks size 14 lol

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