Shop With Me Sunday 8/3 & Sunday Coupon Chat: Printable Coupons

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KillinIt WithCoupons says:

Thank you +Victoria Torre! That too was also how I printed coupons, only rare ones such as BOGOs and high dollar off coupons or if it would make a product free or a moneymaker.

noemiissocoolio says:

hey, i just saw your video on your coupon deals, and to answer your question, i used to get my printer ink at walgreens for $10-12 refill, or if they dont refill your ink type, like my new printer's cartridges, then ebay is the best place to buy ink. the cartridges are refurbished so when you print it says ink is empty, but they work. on ebay i got 2 cartridges for only $17 with free shipping. hope this helps.

Luz Rodriguez says:

Thank you for talking about it, it was a concern running in circles in my head, i have no other choice but to be a frugal couponer, and was an ouch! when like 3 times went through my binder and realized i trashed a lot of printable qpns, that for "x" reason i did not use, there is a website called supposed to have cheaper ink, comparing to drugstores is cheaper, when not on sale. Ink has to be measured on the balance with coupon profit, there are high value coupons witch may be worth to consider when you know is going to be on a coupon stuck up on a high value item,plus you have to be careful to print enough coupons to fill out the paper shit and not have to waste a piece of blank paper.Another way that i personally have not try yet is to fill in the cartridge with ink myself, there are videos on you tube where it shows how to DIY buying ink bottles on , but in the mining time I try to be wise at printing coupons out.  

Bobbie loves to coupon says:

I have a brother printer love it! It say 250 pages . I take that as per ink cartridge ! So worth it for me! It hooks up with no cords wireless! It also hooks up to my smart phone app and prints coupons. Off it my I phone 5 . Also use my sons I pad. Can print from its wireless! I was having viruses get on my computers darn it with windows operating system. I want a Apple Mac air! Seems like all the big couponers own them? 15.00 for black ink and 30 for the other three together in one package! Can get generic ink for 8 bucks a piece at my computer store. Printer on sell cost me 60.00 best printer I ever bought!

Maverick Vixen says:

Girl, I think u should def invest in an HP printer I have the cheapest series out there the D1500's I believe and it's lasted me for more than 4 years!! u can find it at Walmart for sometimes as low as $10 (especially with back to school sales), but usually around $20 and it will usually include a free set of both color and B&W inks (usually 21 & 22). True it does still cost $15 per cartridge, but office max/depot does a deal where u return a used ink cartridge and u get credit towards ur next ink purchase. But those stores are not near me at all, so i buy from target or CVS when i see a good sale and can stack a coupon and/or cartwheel offer with it. And also, once the ink runs low (which actually takes a surprisingly long time) u can reset the ink cartridge to drain the last bit by peeling back the metal safety and using a paper clip to hit the reset trigger (look up YouTube videos or research pics on the Internet if you're unsure what I'm talking about). Then u can def drain it empty.

I remember having a Lexmark or w.e back in the day and boy those suckers EAT ink! U could think about getting one of those injector kits for ink cartridges. But trust me those things are sooo messy!

So I am serious when I say go out and buy the LOWEST quality HP printer on the market (not even the wireless or anything) cuz I plug it into just my main laptop (via USB) and then SOMETIMES I use my second desktop but it's so old and full of viruses–I honestly don't bother with it, unless it's a MM or free item. Seriously tho, u can find so many rare, high value coupons on the Internet via FB,,, or that are even HIGHER value than the manufacturer coupons in the papers. And don't forget to search other zip codes from ur own (my favs are 90210, 77477, and 30033). Use to easily change ur zip codes as well.

I def have saved so much money from IP q's that the savings pay for the ink straight out. U will find a coupon for anything u want or need about 90% of the time when u just search in Google "(name of product) coupon". U can also cash in on rewards programs like Kelloggs Family Rewards (build points to get high value coupons like $1.50 off of 1 box of cereal (2 prints allowed for each redemption)), pampers rewards, and my coke rewards. Plus play mini games for rare coupons like for Pam cooking spray or enter FB raffles to get free samples and coupons. It's such a vital resource that I cannot imagine going without it, hun. So please, please consider buying a low end crap printer and using ur ink (wisely of course–like only for coupons you will actually use), but don't feel like you have to go so cheap that you go without and miss out on so many great deals!!!

Love your videos and hope to see you grow more and expand your YouTube channel and coupon savings! 😀

Victoria De La Torre says:

I have an Epson I have three laptops my printer was $50 my ink is 18.99 for black and 8.99 for color I only try to print rare coupons like when the coke coupons came out I stocked up at ultra. I like when people keep their blogs up to date I don't like to ask a question and get a response three days later especially since I never know when I will have time to shop I count on knowing the best deals and exactly what and where the coupon are. 

buttrpecan9 says:

I don't have a printer. I usually print from the public library, but I only print wut I will use cause its $.25 a page…if I print from, I make sure I have 3 clipped coupons per page. I need to invest in a wireless printer cause i can print from multiple smart devices. I like the chat with me Sundays.

Jen Green says:

I have a canon that I got at target on a great sale.. and I agree that printing some coupons can be hard to justify. I have Target price match my ink cartridge to Amazon so its a lil cheaper. But I love being able to print coupons. Plus mine is wireless to my laptop. I think that my printer was 45.00 dollars at Target a couple months ago. I like the chat with me videos. Thank you

Jane Jane says:

1 computer–Canon, very basic.  2 sets of ink for mine is 29.95 on ebay.  This will last minimally 6 months but probably more like 9 months—and I print a lot of coupons.  Break that down and worse case scenario that is $5.00 per month.  Paper is free at Staples with deals/rebates.  Totally worth it to me, I save a ton of money with printables!  Maybe figure out what your cost per coupon is for printing—then only print coupons that will save you X amount more than the cost.

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