Shopkick Gets You FREE STUFF & Coupons Too Like Best Buy Coupons

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ShopKick gets you free stuff & coupons too like best buy coupons. Also more printable coupons.
check out the link here:

Make sure you stop by my website for some new printable coupons. The newest coupons are at the bottom of the page. Click on links even if they say expired because it may have rolled and will print a newer coupon for you.


livingpoor says:

its really great. im saving up for something big. i have about $60 in points right now.

Colin DeBre' says:

WOW – I have NEVER heard of this and THANK you! :o)

livingpoor says:

yeah i like it too. always nice to get free stuff

Ed D says:

Shopkick is the real deal. Easy to use.

Qponclippingteacher says:

I love Shopkick! If you have a droid check out the weather channel app. They are testing out a rewards programs with mpoints and it is so easy! I made a video about it on my channel so check it out if get a chance! 🙂

Hit me up says:

Checkpoints is good too!

TheBeerblogger says:

Hey, Jeff. It's Josh. We really like your channel, it has helped my wife in getting started. Be sure to check out my channel – The BeerBlogger. Keep the videos coming!

Anita S says:

I just got it after you mentioned it in one of your last videos. Finding the scan items is like a scavenger hunt game for my daughter and I. Yeah yeah, laugh, we don't get out much LOL. Thanks for the follow up video Jeff!

livingpoor says:

i will see what i can do. but ask the store if there shopkick is working. i know target was down for 2 weeks then they got it fixed.

HDinBLUE says:

Thanks I got it on my phone.

livingpoor says:

i have problems sometimes too.

livingpoor says:

time to upgrade. lol

Sheila Talley says:

My device isn't compatible 🙁

Jeff and Steph says:

I dispossess a signal booster for using it. Helped with target just not Walmart 🙂

Jeff and Steph says:

I like it I've been using it a month now. Only thing that bugs me is the reception in the stores sometimes. I can't ever scan anything in Walmart. But otherwise great app. Didn't know about coupons tho… Still don't know lol

NaturalUniique says:

I took my app. off because it never works when it tells me to go scan a featured product

BooZollo says:

Mine never loads in stores

livingpoor says:

im saving mine for a $500 mixer from target. only need 100,000 more kicks. lol

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