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Coupon Kid Broderick shows us his impressive stockpile, and his well-documented shopping trips. | For more Extreme Couponing, visit

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Eirthman TM says:

He needs some milk.

NickKhan says:

Casey neistats kid

Aaron Goodluck says:

Hella smart

xXDrizZXx JJ says:

Nah that means the sister doesn't need to go to the store and buy pads, plus they should be happy. He'll be the one surviving an apocolypse or any natural disasters

Hello It's me says:

“I don’t think couponing is weird, I think Broderick is weird”

Moussaed Saleh says:

Good one and good idea

Dom Clutch says:

Wth tampons

Fredome King says:

He has a lot of food stash for his survival 👍👍🏻

Brady Black says:

When you have no friends

Jasmine Dazzle says:

What the fuck it's a kid this time

Courtney MacLaren says:

O how cool some crayons in the food section mmmmmmmmm

Dick Hurtz says:

Fair play to him

Jenny_from_the_cock_block says:

Why can’t they say tampons..why are they feminine products

Ghuleh Zombie Queen says:

woah, he's from my state. nice.

Mr. BuZz 503 says:

White people…..

John Smith says:

This kid is awesome. His family should show a little more appreciation.

Ursus Maritimus Tyrannus says:

He's "Living like Larry"

Resident Evil says:

I try to do this but they told me it was only one coupon per customer

Dietrich Wochner says:

he's the kid to go to when you get the munchies.

Mr. Weedle says:

Wtf is this

Ricardo Mendoza says:

I would burn this foos paper coupon stash

Poopy poo poo poop ball says:

This kid is fucking going places

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