The Truth About Sponsored Videos/Coupon Codes? RANT/GRWM | Jackie Aina

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Thought I would chat with you guys and clear up some, in my opinion, pretty unfair accusations about what beauty vloggers do and how we take on paid opportunities. Remember that there’s always exceptions to every norm and of course I’m not at all saying that all youtubers are good, or all bad either, but for the most part I think some comments have gotten out of hand and aren’t using fair judgment. You take whatever you want from the information I’m providing and hopefully we can all go back to just having fun and genuinely enjoying each others content.

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aaliyah carter says:

I love you Jackie! You are amazing and I hope you feel a little better. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Just know if you have someone hating on you it’s because they want to be you!

Dana Orr says:

I honestly think the big issue people have with "sponsored" videos is because people aren't comfortable with the idea of women making money. And yes, that goes for the male vloggers as well, because they're seen as more "feminine". Car dealers, althetes, hell even door to door salesmen have made a living selling things people need, and they're typically not female driven. I also think that Youtubers are actually making a comfortable living (after what, a decade of making videos while working other jobs?) so that really fires up the patriarchal bullshit. Keep Keeping on, Jackie! I <3 your videos.


I really love your channel. Your honesty and integrity is needed. Do keep doing you. I appreciate how you handle the negative nancies😚😙😚😙

Tea Bubbles says:

Hey I love your youtube channel are you ever going to come to Australia

Melissa Freeman says:

I am about to accept my very 1st sponsorship & I found this video out of curiosity & I subscribed so fast!! I love your personality & agree with everything you’re saying

yasmeen says:

i love that jackie always acknowledges new subscribers

Johana Child says:

I am a new subbie and I found you so fun and genuine that I have been binge watching you for the last 3 days every chance I get. Nothing but love to you and thank you for just being who you are.

Charle mccreadie says:

It's baffling to me that u dont have 50 million subscribers 😭 ur amaze

Chameleon Girl says:

You have some people that want you to do well but never better than them! What about all the makeup you buy, the equipment you buy to film! How about the lighting and not to mention the time you spend filming and editing! I guess you should do all that stuff out the kindness of your heart !TFOH! Hell you should be getting paid more!

Chameleon Girl says:

The real problem is that they don't want to see the next person come up! #JEALOUSY

Dukati Dukati says:

I'm still confuse as to why it matters if someone uses affiliates or not and come for you smh

Jennifer Brown says:

New level, new DEVIL. Sista get that coin it is enough for everyone.  I salute your grind. keep up the great work.

Ayana Forbes says:

Sorry you had to go in on this topic. You are working out here. I ain't made at you Jackie O. Don't apologize!😍😘 Love ya girl!!

Jessica Reich says:

I love Jackie

Chad Orable says:

No. Seriously. Those Stila liquid eyeshadows are so amazing, I wish I had them all too. Kitten Karma is my favourite, but those duochromes are absolutely breathtaking! #notsponsored #iwish

Laiba Cabello says:

I want people to think of it this way, if you had/have a job, and you work hard every day for that job, whatever it may be, wouldn't you like to get paid? I truly don't understand why people think codes and sponsored videos are bad, as long as the youtuber is being honest , whats the problem? A lot of you guys need to understand that youtubers, especially beauty gurus, need money! They need to earn it somehow and if codes/sponsored content is one of the ways they like to make it, let them have codes that they promote and make sponsored content.

also, the makeup look was stunning Jackie! xoxo

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