TRYING LEAN CUISINE FROZEN MEALS! – Mac N' Cheese, Pizza, Sesame Chicken, & MORE Taste Test!

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TRYING LEAN CUISINE FROZEN MEALS! – Mac N’ Cheese, Pizza, Sesame Chicken, & MORE Taste Test!
i tried a bunch of lean cuisine frozen meals! i couldn’t try all the different kinds of lean cuisines, because there are so many kinds! so if you guys want an eating lean cuisine part two let me know! LOL it was a challenge, but it was so fun! let me know if you guys liked this taste test video! and tell me what other foods you want me to try! i tried the lean cuisine pizza, mac n’ cheese, turkey dinner and a bunch of other ones! what’s your favorite lean cuisine meal? thank you guys for watching my review!


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Twilight Moon says:

The Mac N Cheese looks good! I think I'll try both the white cheddar and yellow (I'm an extremely picky eater).

Robo Waffler says:

"A bean! I real bean!!"

Vic Flair says:

I used to fuck up those paninis. The pizzas were decent, but honestly I'd just add cheese to everything if I had any in the fridge lol

Morgan Krupp says:

do another lean cuisine video

Pat Forward says:

After Christmas depression, what better than a slogging, mouth open green/yellow/orange stuff, burps to enjoy and YOU Timmy. I too am an addict, and I hate to say so. xxoo

SuperBoredUser says:

Timmy, if you call a dishwasher a “washing machine” then what do you call a washing machine? A clothes wet washer?

The Badcompany says:

The suiza enchiladas looked best

lali sun says:

More frozen meals please😂

Blue Diamond says:

id eat the sesemi chicken!!!!

Cool girl 123 says:

Timmy being a queen.

S Martinez says:

I know this is two years later but a if you put the little trays back in the boxes they came in after you warm them the cardboard will keep them insulated thus your food will be warm after sitting there and you’ll know exactly what you’re eating. 😋

Ana Banana says:

hope you exercise. just because it's "lean" doesn't mean it's good for you

Pheonix Dawn says:

Oh sweet potatoes for sure 😊

kfarr says:

The enchilada one is actually my fav lol

Della Smalley says:

U have a Beautiful Dog😀

Della Smalley says:

I Love all of ur VEIDOS n Appreciate ur taste buds. Keep up the great work😎🌹

Jamie Rounsaville says:

Timmy Tamato Love, love, love this video!! Of course I love food, so sure it's going to look divine to me!! All of this truly looks divine and I can't wait to watch the 2nd video!! I'm hoping in the next video of Lean Cuisine meals you try the Turkey Tetrazinni. Wait… It may be made by Stouffer's. I seriously can't remember!! Oh no!! But man, you should try it anyway. Gosh it is amazing!! It's so much like a homemade dish, you would never know the difference!!! Cook / heat it in the oven not microwave. It's so much better cause it has this wonderful crunchy topping that really adds to the flavor of the dish, if you fix it in the oven. But you've got to try it!! So since it is Stouffer's, why not just do a whole video on Stouffer's?? They really have good frozen foods!! I'm curious now to try Lean Cuisine's Panini in comparison to Stouffer's. You made Lean Cuisine's look great and I know Stouffer's is great also!! So the challenge is on!!! Keep the great videos coming my friend!! Love your vids!!

Rose Morales says:

I love lean cuisine… but the sodium levels are to high

msallison04 says:

Ok I’m for sure trying the turkey and sweet potatoes!!!

Laykan Thee Alien says:

The best LC is the cheese ravioli one .. they're like circle raviolis and they come out el dente and have such a good bite.. also the sauce is verrry good! Oh and orange chicken by them is DELICIOUS the breaded chicken in it is REAL and there's edamame in it and it's actually sooo good!

night8883 says:

It's cold? 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

Carmen Parker says:

I have had all of those

Mason Pita says:

9:54 someone plz put this in a loop

allyson moore says:

i just finished the alfredo with chicken and broccoli, those r lit

Heather Schocker says:

when you struggled with that mango crap , I was like yes! I hate mango

kyla Bautista says:

You sounded like marandia sing when you said pizza

kaylee osborne says:

Those spring rolls doing good as hellllll

Steven Hickson says:

I love you an your video I watch them over an over just to smile.we need more people like you 😘

Deborah S says:

Want to try the Panini and the Santa Fe egg rolls, the look delicious. Hate the lasagna and chicken parmesan, it's almost impossible to find frozen Italian food with a decent tasting sauce/gravy. Have you tested frozen pizzas? I love Mama Cozzi's from Aldi's and then Freschetta's. What are your favorites?

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