Vacation Vlog 7-27-17 Search for Local Deals!

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It’s raining again at the campsite so we head into town to search for some good deals!

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Claire at Cookie Crumb Fun says:

Love it that you don't give your children the junk foods people this are kid staples! Grandma gave me such a laugh! LOL!

hello baybay says:

Why do you always sound like you're out of breath when you speak janelle? Even if you're just standing still it sounds like it. Just wondering

Starks Assemble! says:

Shout out to Grandma! πŸ˜‚ I loved it. 😍So glad your having fun!

thefundamentaledit says:

Our kids did not know twinkies either.

Kim Koskinen says:

Awe! I have very fond memories of playing skipbo in my grandparents camper when it would rain!

plantifulmom says:

That was good Art! I was thinking it

Kittens Gaming says:

Love your Mum Janelle! Shes a cheeky one x

Sandy Willis Watson says:

That sure was a great bargain at the thrift store. πŸ™‚ Wow.. the grapes were cheap at .88 lb…. we are paying 3.98 a pound. Well. not "we".. but others are. I refuse to pay that amount. We are surrounded by farm fields of blueberries, strawberries, corn and many other fresh fruits and veggie so for now we eat from the fields instead of the store shelves. One of our grocery stores is a Save On, but too pricey for my liking. The pies looked delish Janelle. Looks like another great feed for the dinner time. Tfs ! β™₯

browneyedbabes says:

You sure are having LOTS of Adventures in the Adirondacks!

Glenda Ruff says:

Do you have computer kids? You can't pass up that deal. A bag for $1.

Kathy Thomas says:

Thank you for sharing Grandma Parsnip with us. She reminds me of my sweet mama, who has been gone many years. Also, I'm getting the camping bug after watching your videos.

Kimberly Mayo says:

I will have to try that area some day. Love camping…we have a hightop van we are slowly remodeling for a camper van. It is currently a step up from tent camping but usable as is. β›ΊπŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Sarah Aubrey says:

We live in our camper and I keep a pizza stone in my oven to help distribute the heat I bake everything in my oven and have finally conquered the burnt bottoms

The Rural Family says:

I insist on grandma cam now!!!!! Lol love it

Cyndi Leatherman says:

Wonderful Video, so glad u had a camper for ur trip, with all the rain!!!!

Cyndi Leatherman says:

Yea Grandma! So Fun!!!

karbear26 says:

Wow $1 a bag that would be fun!! I'm glad you could still have fun on your rainy day with some shopping! Those strawberry pies looked so good! Haha I loved grandma parsnip grabbing the camera for a joke!

Raising Rainbows says:

Skip bo always reminds me of Janelle in labour with Grace! When Art says "Janelle is still clutching her hand of skip bo cards πŸ˜‚. Over here we call the game uno πŸ’™ xx

Momof2 says:

.88 cents for grapes?! I'm in Canada and I cant find anything cheaper than $2.98/lb! I know we are more expensive here, but it would be a dream to not have to do $150/week for groceries for a family of 4😣Great vlog! I allow junk when camping. Its a vacation for the kids going anywhere and an extra job for the moms, so its always nice to treat the littles with a box of overly sugar cereal. I get 10 minutes with my coffee in peace😊I love that you share real life situations. My husband is also not thrilled when I go shopping for camping and would be commenting the whole time.

Melissa Morrow says:

Love the simple life you guys live.

Tammy Langdon says:


CBigg _ says:

Agree about the Twinkies. Gross! Lots of other junk food that tastes better.

Nancy Bullard says:

Love the end, Grandma!

Keeping It Real says:

Love the photo bomb at the end Leslie! Hugs~ Lea

hearsthewater says:

Grandma's being ornery! LOVE it!

JoJo's Variety Show says:

Art! For vacations! I actually do not like twinkles though.

JoJo's Variety Show says:

Wow! Fill a bag for 1 buck. Ours is usually 15-20. Drives me nuts. I could do damage at a buck a bag. Great video.

My world in okc says:

Looks like u had fun.

Mama Donna says:

Yummy pies!!!

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