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Natalia Villegas says:

How do you get the coupons to come to your house?

Juvia Lockser says:

I never get any coupons, not even in store. last time I went, the cashier literally threw the bag at me and she was being super nice to other costumers and gave them a bunch of coupons and stuff but as soon as I went to pay she started being rude and didn't even look at me or anything she just took the money and pushed the back towards me super hard.

Selena Rios says:

Amazing!!! I just got an email from VS ! You can get money back! Buy two full prices bras and get $15 , buy 3 bras you can get $25
August 14th-21st

Ashley Elyse says:

Hey girl… What do the slouchy full zips look like on? I never tried one on. I always go with the perfect full zip and they are short on me. Is it over sized? Thanks for sharing 😊

Jessica Kaur says:

Omg a popsocket? What are the requirements for that? I wasn't going to go but now I might πŸ˜‚

Lindsay Gruer says:

Awesome sales am I right?!!! Ilysm gurllll

Tina Marie says:

This was extremely helpful.

Jade and Abbs says:

Always amazing 😍✨

Jorja Yexamen says:

hii j lynn! missed u so much πŸ™ i just wanna tell u that i will have my exams tomorrow, hope i'll receive a good luck from you β™‘ love you! πŸ’—

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