Cricut Explore Make It Now Coupon Book

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Hi everyone
Today we are making a really cute custom coupon book. Sorry so long 🙁 If you like, please thumbs up
Hugs, Stacy
You can find the file for this on my blog at


debican01 says:

This is so cool.  I'm going to make one and send it to my Daughter so she can use it for my Granddaughter.  Again I learned something new. TFS  xoxo Debi

Brenda Lawrence says:

This is a super cute coupon book Stacy! I love that you customized it to fit your needs. I might have to make something like this for my grandkids. 

MsSuper Klutz says:

Hi Stacy OMG your coupon book turned out so cute!!  I do love all of your neat and creative ideas for your coupons I really love what each one was for!!   Thanks again girl for another super fun video….I really have so missed hangin' with ya!!
Your video was a lot of fun and so glad that you take the time to make a full process video……YOU totally ROCK!!

Joan Smith

Liz Martinez says:

Thank you Stacy for sharing that is awesome for my kid can you send me your website so I can download that

CraftyCritter919 says:

This is super fun for the kids. What do you think for Valentines for the hubby? Maybe extra kisses for a back rub?
Just a thought!

Jason Loucks says:

What a great idea. I could see using this for Stampin' Up! for like customers who purchase every other month and you want to give them a small coupon book to use for the following years catalog, etc. 😀

Claudia Lasiter says:

Hi Stacy.  Sometimes I forget to put the thumbs up.  🙁   At least I comment!  This was great, and again, I learned so much.  What is the Pumpkin Patch?  It looks like a monthly kit maybe?  I have tons and tons of supplies I need to use, but I'm still curious.  Thanks again.  Does the Explore make the perforated line to make it easy to tear out the coupons?  If so, does that work well?  

Christina Galloway says:

Another cute idea for the bairns Stacy.
Enjoy watching your videos.
Christina x

Pat Posk says:

What a great tutorial Stacy.  It tells all the steps and I love that. Also it helps to have the dry run through as a form of practice.  A great little idea for anyone really.  You can even do it for a father's day present. LOL
good one Stacy and fun to watch.

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