Don’t Discount Dating with Coupons!

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Would you take offense if your date used a groupon? That’s the topic at the table in Tuesday’s Girl Chat. Check out a teaser of the convo, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for more!


Mizz says:

Loni has some high standards for someone who doesn't have a man. 😂

Kirwina says:

Adrienne's hair looked awesome

IGMotorCity3SixesCarbonGoddess Snap-mtrctycrbngod says:

Maaannn…I coupon e'rthang! I'm saving my coins ova heah, okay!?

VocalTranceTV says:

What is it with some of these girl chat topics lately? These ladies are proving to be really out of touch to what ordinary and regular people do on a daily basis. i.e. attending group yoga classes, with used mats (which is a bonus if they are provided), and using groupons whenever you can, means you can spend more on your date in other areas.

Get a clue.

keepitjuicy84 says:

My man better use that coupon !!!!!

Anna Lyze says:

we don't have that in Australia or it's not that common with the coupon thingy so I'll pass BUT I have to say, I don't care if the men uses coupons to buy me food or take me out, least the brother tried!! and the thought of it all is what I'm thankful for.. With that said, is it the same as buying things on sale? coz I buy that sasauge/meat which is on sale that'll expire tomorrow just to make dinner!! and I end up saving heaps!!😅 gosh I'm so cheap

kay krazii18mhad says:

he paid for the meal. it doesn't matter how 😒

A. Williams says:

It doesn't matter! Its the same thing as buying something on sale.
I'll take a 2 for 1 groupon date over a $100 dinner any day

Tay Boone says:

I don't think using a coupon should matter. If it's a good good date, that's okay. If it's a bad date, that's okay too. I'm all for it if it saves him money.. and me too. Why should it matter?

lamoskgr Moskow says:

They used to be really judgemental on Tamar for being a like "Money-liker" but they don't want broke guys even if they are good people. Remember when Tamera said she wouldn't date a guy who doesn't have a car? I'm with Jeannie 100%, she doesn't give 2 shits about a man not having money.

meta morphosis says:

Hot button. Truth is pick a mate like u. If u like discounts marry a man like that. If u like blowing money 💰 marry a man that likes blowing money. It's that easy🤓

Sha Johnson says:

I think what Loni kinda meant to say is "not too many men carry coupons." Love you Loni.

Kayies M says:

What if it's a college student, on a budget? (17😕

Jho Larkin says:

Loni what men are you dating then

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