Extreme Couponing Season 4 Episode 7

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Lularoe Jlew says:

Yea I think I saw some where that a lot of stores kind of shift their rules for this show. I am from Albany New York and they wont even double more then .99 a coupon. and like one coupon per customer per trip not…52 coupons per item. its crazy. and unrealistic.

ll Dont-Make-Me ll says:

Linsey: what we having for dinner
Mom: mints and gatorade

Joy Ling says:

Its exaggerating! Haha… I doubt there such thing as combining so many coupons in one receipt in the pl im stayin!

Ferguson Elissa says:

shelf clearing is so rude

Harry Livings says:

I hardly see buying mints and sports drink to save $600 as providing for her family :/

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