Family Dollar Drama 7/19/15 Store Coupon & MFC

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Hi Friends, I wasn’t going to mention this on video but then I decided I wanted to upload this video to tell you what happened to me at Family Dollar. I was so embarrassed while other people were looking at me like I was crazy because I couldn’t use a coupon and that WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL. I will be calling corporate in the morning because no one deserves to be treated the way I was today by a manager who absolutely does not know the coupon policy for the company he works for.


fbcervantes says:

Please tell me u call corporate

fbcervantes says:

I feel the same way about the coupons…workers so judgemental….if the store doesnt want printed coupons just Freaking Post it or announce it. This is so Dollar General for me. Workers Clueless about their own coupons and mf coupons. Call corporate!!!

fbcervantes says:

I feel that way about Dollar general..I picked a 12lb bag of friskies cat printable coupon was $2 off 12lb bag or larger of friskies cat food. Scanned it and system said didn't matched. And worker said policy changed and if it didn't accept then they cldnt put in.

Emily Roman says:

Sorry, but I hate to do couponing at FD, they change their policy per day as well as per store. This my opinion based on my experience since I started couponing. I hate it!!! 😡🙀🙀😂😂

Kimberly Hagewood says:

Can you price match at Walmart?

Linda Bradford says:

Hello Toni they always given me problem

maria Farsee says:

Great video

Tiffany Mendoza says:

Good luck getting a response. I've emailed FD 4 times and haven't gotten a response about my account saying my email wasn't associated with my number then trying a new login and saying my number was associated with a different email😡😡😡

Meika Riley says:

I'm so sorry you went thru that girl. That's why I don't shop there. They always give me problems w/my coupons…

Susan Hendrix says:

I'm proud of you. that asshole was probably trying to be employee of the month. FD pulls random people with little or no experiment off the streets. all the FD stores I've been too are nasty and stink. I hope you got him fired.

G P says:

I would have got his name and store number and reported him he would have been fired

G P says:

Toni they just be hatin thats all i went to Rite Aid and used the coupon the lady was like No its not going through i said you can type the code in all she kept insinuating is No its not going through so then she asked another store clerk she did it with no problem she was just being an asshole so i understand exactly what your talking about i also had problems with printing the coupons off the computer with family dollar the girl said i couldnt use them mind you i had just used some 15 minutes prior with no problem at the same store went home and came back with more so in 15 minutes of me leaving the policy changed ctfu i told her i just was here she scanned them when they went through all she said was Oh no apology nothing cause she felt dumb

bernadine cooper says:

I hate that store.

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