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Hey Xtreme Clippers!!! In this video I take you all along with me as Hubby and I shop for groceries at Ralph’s. This trip is special because I did not use any coupons and yet I still saved money. So check out how you too can save money without using coupons!!!

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OCmama says:

I've never checked the price per ounce. That's a great tip. Thank you for sharing!

Loverne Cornish says:

Great video thanks for sharing.

Mickee Elizabeth says:

We have Bakers instead of Ralphs, but I do the same thing. Plus we get fuel points so it's a win win lol.

Megustoel90s says:

You guys are so cute. I ask my hubby the same questions when we're grocery shopping

Grandma and grand daughter Aniya says:

When I don't have coupons I do the same thing you do good job

Marleen G. says:

My mom has a pretty big pantry for non-perishables, all added to when things go on sale. This way, she only needs to get the fresh stuff weekly (Aldi). It's an awesome system (first in first out), we go by expiry date. Awesome video for those of us in the world who don't have coupons. There is no culture of couponing in Belgium (we don't get them a lot, and if so it's manufacturer coupons only).

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