LIVE Couponing At Dollar General All Digital Coupons – HOT Instant Savings Deal on Gain! $3 off $15

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Click Show More! We have a KILLER instant savings deal on gain and downy at Dollar General. If you want to skip me driving go to 14:30 in the video. Thats when I do the transaction at the 2nd Dollar General. I knew Dollar General Couponing was going to be CRAZY this week! With the 3 day sale coming up the Dollar General Deals are only going to get better.

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Lady T aka GlobalChic says:

I could not find saving with Shay

Lady T aka GlobalChic says:

Your hair is so long woukd like to see your,RA, CVS etc hauls

Pam Yazzie says:

It work for me.. had no problems…

Tracey Humphreys says:

LOL.😂 DON'T TELL MY HUSBAND! & your Honey Hole! You are hysterical!

Nancy Amezquita says:

Hello which digital coupons did you use?

dulcemari77 says:

How many time can u do this deal? Sorry I'm new to this

moonbeam says:

I had the same issue with the $5 instant savings and I got the Tide….and my $5 off $25 wouldn't work….I voided all my as well…Dollar general has been so complicated the last 3 weeks…I'm not shopping there anymore.

Raena Thedford says:

Thank you!  I actually got to do a deal!

Kedra White says:

I just want to say thank you for letting me know about the deals yesterday I did it 3 times

Sonia Munoz says:

Hi Christ's I did this deal yesterday after work went to 2 different DG cuz the 1st one was wiped. The one I usually go to which is fairly & so close to my house was pretty stocked. So anywho I did the deal just like u said n my total was $20.45 once my cashier totaled I put in my# and the instant saving came off. My end results were diff. N I'm not complaining. Lol. Sub total $4.15. + tax total of $4.49 I was stocked. Tysm I've learned so much frm just watching your videos. Ty! Blessed day keep up the g8 work. 😚😗😘😀 smooches…

Francie Webb says:

I did my deals today twice with the Gain. I had no problems

Jessica Nunez says:

Christa, girl I woke up today and went DG now I had the $1cp for unstoppables instead of the $2. And it work it work I was so happy all three products for $7 and change. I was so nervous to do it. But it worked thank you thank you

Lisa Clark says:

I did it today it worked.

Sherica Joseph says:

Did you have to use a survey coupon

Uchechi Cooper says:

Third times a charm. I went to 3 diff dollar generals and finally got the deal. My total was 6. 50 in New York. Tfs. My day is now complete lol. ❤

Elizabeth Lee says:

Hey Christa, I did my FIRST deal with your help, and the checkout lady, lol. I got the Gain Flings, the Downy 90 and the Booster, andnI think it worked just fine. I believe I only paid $5 and something. Thank you so much!

Shanna Banana says:

I just tried it about an hour ago and it didn't work-must have been the Downy infusions because I had 31 count Tide Pods (w/Febreeze-does that matter?), 90 load April Fresh Downy and 9.7 ounce Downy Unstoppables – I think I had the infusions one. I asked the cashier to hit total and she did and said it was $20.40. The IS didn't come off. The cashier was nice and offered to put her account in for me to give me the $3 off digital but I politely declined and offered to return the items to the shelf. This deal is not written down anywhere is it? I will try it again with a survey Q but want to make sure I get the correct scents. 🙂

JES Thrifting says:

Woo Hoo… Just did it twice. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel garza says:

Thank you Krista, love your videos

Twana Jarrett says:

Did the deal a third time with gain and it worked perfectly!

Wendi Woods says:

Mines did like urs I hated hold line so I payed 10dollars

Armando Herrera says:

my subtotal was. 20.45 minus 5 instantly save and my coupons I paid 4.58 with tax.

Kiotta Barnhill says:

Yelp, after she hit total, it was $15.40

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