Publix Shopping With Coupons “Follow You Monday”

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Today’s video features my first trip to Publix! If you didn’t know, Publix has the best coupon policy. Publix has tons of store coupons in their Publix store coupons weekly ad. You can save even more money and stack manufacturer coupons on top of the store coupons! Publix also excepts competitors coupons, which means you could use, for example, Target coupons here. However, each Publix store is a little different when it comes to accepting competitors coupons. So you may want to called ahead and ask in some situations. Publix also excepts coupon overage, which will allow you to make money to go towards other items. We got to use a lot of Bogo deals, or buy one get one free, at Publix too.


SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

there is no publix in Chicago 🙁

katie dugan says:

wow publix sounds amazing to a couponer… i wish i had one near me! 🙂

dill jones says:

I love your sit and videos.

oobertuberdude says:

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capacity96 says:

Mylie Cyrus

CozySocks99 says:

@Ferrin413 Someone got denied usage of their coupon 🙁

Nicole "GingerCupcake" says:

@vivalavidayall then dont watch. i cant stand complainers.

David S. says:

The Publix I work at doesn't allow you to go over the price of the item, or you'll get murdered by the store manager…lmao 🙂

gu bi says:

I used to have a publix,but then i moved:/

Laura fields says:

I work for publix, and can't wait to go shopping again.

vivalavidayall says:

it anoys me her bending over constantly

andrew mccomb says:

that is awesome i have never really tried that but i am going to now thanks for the info im going to do this and be like you

Karen says:

you and Sarah made a perfect couponing team. You make Mondays all that funnier.

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