S. Korean gov't to provide discount coupons in lodging, tourism and dining out

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오늘부터 여행•외식 소비쿠폰 재개…30일부터 1천여개 여행상품 30% 할인

Staying here in the nation.
October saw the biggest rise in consumer sentiment in more than 11 years, mainly thanks to eased social distancing measures.
To further boost consumption, the government resumed handing out discount vouchers on lodging, travels and restaurants.
For details, let’s turn to our Eum Ji-young.
Following the easing of social distancing measures, South Korea’s consumer sentiment in October rose by the most since 2009.
According to the Bank of Korea, the composite consumer sentiment index stood at 91-point-6,… up 12-point-2 points from the month before.
The central bank attributed the rise to pent up demand mainly in travel, dining out and entertainment.
To further boost spending, the South Korean government is giving out discount coupons for lodging, travel and food, resuming a program that was put on hold due to the surge in infections in August.
“From today, discount coupons on lodging, travel and food services that were on hold will be released with discretion and thorough prevention measures.”
Starting Wednesday, the government is offering companies a cheap way to give their employees a nice travel benefit.
Employees who spend 200-thousand won, about 180 U.S. dollars, on a trip, will get an extra 200-thousand won cash, which is provided 50-50 by the employer and the government.
Companies that want to take part should apply online.
And from Friday, you can get discounts on packages for domestic travel.
Online, the coupons are for 30 percent off up to around 50 dollars for designated sightseeing spots and activities across the country.
From next Wednesday, the discounts start for accomodation book online to save between 30-thousand and 40-thousand won, or 27 to 35 dollars.
And, from this Friday, if you dine out on the weekend, every fourth meal is 8 dollars off.
On the first three meals, you have to spend at least 17 dollars each time.
And to boost retail spending in general, South Korea’s biggest annual shopping event, the 15-day Korea Sale Festa, will kick off on Sunday… with discounts online and offline… on everything from clothing to consumer electronics.
Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.

2020-10-28, 22:00 (KST)

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Send all Itaewon coupons this way after covid-19 is in check.

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Why is Korea so good?

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so, if I order on Yesstyle from Canada will I get discount ?

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Smart move.

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